Modern Warfare 2 PC release starts with DVD Errors !!

For those of you who are PC gamers, you should wait on buying Modern Warfare 2 from the retailers. The PC version comes with 2 discs but it seems that only the actually game is working and not the extra content.

The first DVD/Disc is about 6.9 GB which seems to be the standard size for games that are coming out now. Unfortunately, each drive refuses to recognize the DVD. The DVD drives rattle around and you can hear the disc just clattering in the DVD Drive. Now when something like this happens, questions comes to mind and that is if this is a manufacturing defect and if there are other discs out there that have this problem.

A German game magazine reports the same problem. Every drive in their editorial office refuses the second DVD (they have seven PC's and four copies Modern Warfare 2 for PC). They say it’s definitly a production error.
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  1. Wait, PC gamers actually had any intention of buying this trash?

    Not until they reprogram it so it's a real game and not a half-assed console port.
  2. So they had a problem on the manufacturing line or something?

    Thats karma.
  3. more I hear about the stupidity IW & Acitivision is doing to online play and now w/ disc problems, the less chance I'll be buying the game.

    Would buy the first Modern Warfare if I can get assurance that they won't shut down online play for it for the PC.
  4. Hopefully all the disks are broken so they lose even more money.
  5. Who cares about some piece of crap console game? Serious PC gamers don't want that arcadish junk.
  6. the game is fine, a couple of people have it already and they have 0 issues.. other than the sucky servers....
  7. What exactly does this have to do with Graphics Cards?

    I plan on getting the game (maybe never opening it like so many due to time constraints) so it's good to know, but this isn't the place really.

    Moving in 30 mins.
  8. I plan to buy for xbox, only because i have like 1000 friends buying it for the xbox, otherwise I wouldnt touch the game after they turned their backs on their original fans.
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  10. Apon realising that the disc contains the death of PC gaming as we know it, the drive refuses to read it.
  11. This game is sounding less appealing than swine flu.
  12. Hi ive had the same problems with the install, my good computer wont install or even read disk 2 but my IDE drive on my old computer does play MW2 both disks this is my second copy of the game, theres ways around it register your cd key on steam then download it, The only other way is to ask your friends (that have installed without problems) and see what dvd drive there using and go buy it......
    Ive been a fan of the franchise since the very begining, activision has let us all down due to one error or another sad sad day for pc gamers when COD fails this hard.
  13. I finished the game.No problems at all.And the game is great. [:alexj022]
  14. A few people have a problem, and people jump on bandwagons.
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