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Hello all. Just re-listed my computer on ebay for the umpteenth time it seems. Hope someone will buy it this time around. I'd be willing to haggle on the price a bit as well.
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  1. You may want to list the duration of tech support you offer on the computer. Does it include any installed software, etc.?

    Currently, you have an open ended agreement provide tech support for that computer. I might just buy it and hold you in tech nightmare hell for 10 years.. and if you fail to perform you duties I will sue ya and get my money back. :)
  2. Valid point, however, since it is not specified, I can make up whatever I want. I said I will provide it, not when, not for what, not where, or how often, just that I will, whether it's a one time use or not. But I get what you're saying, I'll probably change it. And the only installed software it includes is windows 7
  3. Problem is, it's overpriced.
  4. How so?
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