Is Batman: Arkham Asylum worth playing on a ps3?

I currently have a ps3 and an older computer that is not sufficient to play games on. I will be building my new pc in a month or two, getting everything except the graphics card. I am waiting on the release of the 5870x2 as well as seeing what nvidia comes out with. So, I will be gaming on my pc in the future.

I have mostly used my ps3 for bluray. I have tried a couple of fps's on the ps3, and find it frustratingly unplayable. I play a ton of counter-strike on the pc back in the day, and MUST use a mouse/keyboard to enjoy the game. Tried portal and resistance:FOM and could not get past the controls.

So, as a stop gap, I have been considering getting Batman: Arkham Asylum for the ps3. It is not a fps, so I might be able to enjoy it. Not really sure what the gameplay is like.

So, with my aversion to a controller for fps on the ps3, do you think I would be able to enjoy the game?

I can wait and get it on the pc down the line, but I would enjoy a little gaming to hold me over until then.
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  1. Batman AA is great for the PS3, looks great, absolutely no framerate issues through the game. But that wasn't your questions, heh.

    The gameplay is very controller friendly. The action inputs for the combos are directional and timely, and not hugely punishing for accuracy (not a button masher, mouse pointer accuracy is not essential). After playing through it on the PS3, I couldn't imagine doing it with a KBM.
  2. Yes, I have both versions and the PS3 version is more fluid, I have a 9800GTX+ which is basically the GTS250 and it got good ratings for Batman but my PS# is still better as I play it with a 40inch LCD..... the remote for the ps3 is far superior than any PC remote control even the Xbox 360 control.... I would never use the keyboard and mouse for this game... the physics engine is great due to the CELL processor. Get the PS3 game as that was rated 9.8 by IGN.
  3. I have PC that would handle this game with ease, but chose PS3 version, mainly due to Joker DLC which is exclusive for PS3. Can't say I have any complaints. Looks great, entertains even better.
  4. Would a bluetooth mouse and keyboard accomplish the same thing on a PS3? I know you can use them with things like the webbrowser and such... but would it work the same for games as a PC?
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