top stores ive dealt with

they usually have the lowest price, but their customer support makes them number 1

they had all the unusual, 'more than just component stuff' like for example i got nb heatsink and mobo heatsink chips with wire management fan controllers etc there with good selection unlike newegg

good customer support, good prices, alot of cooling options on this site!(though smaller overall selection than first 2 stores)

well for the most part, those are my top 3 but an honorable mention would be

from what ive heard monarch needs to be up there as well(ive never dealt with them before though)

what i can say is that tigerdirect is awful, and ive had more than 3 bad cases with them and customer support is not helpful/reliable

just trying to help some people out there who need comp parts

as for full computer builds.. i have no experience with those stores personally so they are not on my list(although does do that and had a friend get great results actually cheaper than i could part out from newegg)

nf7-s 2600xp oced to 3200 speed fsb 210
3500 kingston hyper-x ddr 2x512 CL2 (discontinued, they only have CL2.5 now
leadtech 6800 gt @ ultra speeds
hitachi 2x80gb in raid0
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  1. For those in CA who want to avoid tax, <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    <pre><font color=red>A64 3200+ Winchester
    DFI Lan Party NF4 Ultra-D
    1GB Corsair 4400C25PT
    WD740GD, WD2000JB, WD1200JB
    ATI X800XL
    Dell 2405FPW</pre><p>
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