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Via is coming with Athlon dual channel chipset

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August 22, 2003 1:22:26 AM

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August 22, 2003 8:19:42 AM

I'm surprised that they didn't do it when they put out the KT400a. We'll have to see how it benches when it comes.

I can believe that Nvidia has put a hurt on the VIA boards for sure though.

Honey, what's that smell? Don't bother me now I'm working on my computer! OOPS!
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August 23, 2003 1:44:21 AM

That would be my guess. Shall we legacy?

Well, I didn't think that was gonna happen!!!
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August 23, 2003 3:07:01 AM

Let VIA keep selling their junk to the likes of eMachines.

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August 23, 2003 3:58:32 AM

Via's chipsets were one of the major problems for the Athlon processor for a really long time. Until Nvidia came along with the Nforce chipset Intel had the only quality chipsets around. Via's crapy chips caused too many crashes incompatebilties and really screwed amd customers over. I hope Nvidia makes sure Via stops producing that crap for the amd platform.

These things are harder to think of than I thought.
August 23, 2003 4:46:24 PM

I never had an AMD chipset so I cant say anything about those but I did have 2 Via chipsets one Sis and now Nforce 2 and via was the worst one they crashed too many times ran unstable and you could forget about overclocking Sis wasn't that bad but I wouldn't recommend them. Now the Nforce 2 that is a great chipset fast, Stable and great for overclocking reminds me of the old PIII era now those were great times.

These things are harder to think of than I thought.
August 26, 2003 6:11:23 AM

I doubt that. Did Via announce that officially?????
August 26, 2003 11:36:21 AM

They need to do more than just stick in dual channel... I'm not buying anything made by VIA again, until they sort out:
a)reliable Voltage regulation (Vcore wobbling by as much as .15V is sooo crap)
b)PCI/AGP lock
c)Lower performance
Ooo! hang on - That's an Nforce2 chipset! maybe I can get one of those instead...

If this is true, then it's quite sad - they should give up on Socket 462 - as it's nearly dead anyway - and concede they've lost. If they plough everything they have into A64 chipsets, they might be able to come up with something remotely useable, but dividing their R&D time up like this is certainly not going to help.

Sorry VIA, you've missed the boat, and can shove your cr@ppy Chipsets where the sun don't shine.

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August 26, 2003 11:49:39 AM

KT266a/KT333 was good! wasnt it?

*looks at case... sob*

#@$@#$#@@#!@#! @#!@# 1#!@#@!#! AGP/PCI LOCK!!!!!!1111!!!!!!


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August 26, 2003 12:11:19 PM

dunno about 266a... aside from the fact I think it was better than 266(non-a).. but I have a KT333 Mobo (Asus A7V333), and it's crap. I hate it. The list of problems in my post above are basically the problems I have with that. Something on it's crapped out, and it refuses to work @133FSB - I know not why. Can't RMA it cos I had it for about a year and it worked OK (though never that well). Only reason I still use it is it's still performs better than a KT133 system I replaced with it. (it's my secondary PC - the 'second man' in LAN games, nothing else)

To be fair though, I did have a KT133(non-a) Abit mobo (KT7 I think) and that's never given me any problems (apart from being crap for ocing that is..)

The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
August 26, 2003 12:53:48 PM

My Soyo dragon+ based on KT266A was good. Very stable, good performance and still running good after two years. I recently sold this machine to my friend, and it is very happy with it. I now have a nforce2 manboard, which is good too. Better than my 266a? I cant say. Apart from being faster, it still doing the same job than my old one. I'm not a pro-via, nor a pro-nvidia. I'm a pro-what fit best for me. An other friend has an Asus A7V, the original one with kt133. Still running good, without any problem after 4 years...and with a sound blaster. And saying that a chipset is not good because it doesnt overclock, it like sayind that a car engine is not good because it can rev 15000 RPM. And you put a chip to bypass the rev limiter and now, your engine is still not good because it dont last. The desing of the board has a lot to do with overclocking too. Good design, quality parts help a lot.

I dont deny that some has had problems with VIA in the past. And maybe now. But for me, it worked good. Its remind me the last years, when people started using AMD chip in their machine and went to this forum to have question to their problems. Peoples were saying them to go back Intelbecause they were more compatible. Looking at these forum today, I see more and more Intel user that have problem with their machine. And even with Intel chipset. Fact is, the more peoples using a setup, the more you are going to hear for problem. I'm just happy I'm not among them.

Just my 2 cents

-Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
August 26, 2003 2:54:49 PM

We make opinions based on our own experiences. My VIA experience has left me somewhat irritated with the various problems I've had, but your experience has been all good... such is human nature I guess...

I do know I'd rather spend an eternity being tortured by beelzebub :evil:  than buy another VIA mobo... But that is, of course, just my opinion.

I bet next time I'll buy an Nvidia mobo, and I'll have worse problems still.. :smile: the joys of Sod's law.

The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
August 26, 2003 3:02:41 PM

Agreed. I've been using Via chipsets since the 266a and never had a lick of problem with them. I take that back, I had a Soyo Dragon that never quite seemed to work right, but I think that was the board more than the chipset. My first Via board was a Shuttle AK31. The northbridge fan died on me, and there was no place to get one locally, so I bought an AMD 760 mb while I was waiting for a new northbridge fan. That was a horrible week. To put it mildly, the Shuttle blew the doors off that AMD board, with a Via chipset. It overclocked better, ran cooler, quicker and more stable. The difference was noticeable. I've been using Via chipsets ever since. I did build a system with an nForce 2 based MSI board, but it had problems with the Western Digital Hard Drives we tried to put in it. That was more trouble than I ever had with a Via chipset. I'll give up a little here and say that the nForce 2 is probably 10-15% quicker with the dual channel enabled, but to say that Via "sucks" just doesn't follow what I've learned from experience. Sounds like one of those situations where Via has so many boards out there that a few are bound to have problems. When those people complained, other people kind of jumped on the bandwagon. Half the people that'll tell you to avoid Via like the plague have probably never experienced a problem with it first-hand, just heard it was bad, so they decided it must be true. I think it would be great to hear people's first hand experience with the bad Via chipset, not one of those "I had a buddy who....." things, but actually owned a Via board and couldn't get it to work.
August 26, 2003 3:16:32 PM

I suspect CrashMan would disagree... I have too little direct experience to make any general statements, just I don't like them myself, since my fun with my KT333 mobo.

The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
August 26, 2003 4:20:46 PM

I would like to have your board. I never had a borad that gave me problems except a MSI with an Intel 845 chipset. Always had good luck with AMD though. But if yours really have a problem that I cant fix, then I would say that it is because VIA chipset.

Yes Crashman had a lot of problems with them. But if there were so bad, I'm sure the the company would have disappeared long time ago.

And I did a BIOS update on my nforce board that gave me a lot of problems. First, it wouldnt recognize my RAID controller, then it gave me only the option of 100 and 133 for FSM when I run 200 (my cpu is 166, overclocked to 200). Found out that I have to move a jumper on the board and have to do a cold start to have my RAID start. kind of thing I never experienced with VIA board...Oh! is not chipset fault???? It is BIOS fault ...sorry!

-Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
August 26, 2003 6:21:29 PM

I do plan to revisit it at some point - next time I'm bored on a rainy saturday or something.. It worked for a while and then would only work at a slower FSB... can't get an exact fix on how fast, as because the PCI bus is not locked, beyond 112Mhz it goes to 38Mhz and my LAN card craps out. After a few posts it seemed likely it was the PSU, so I bought an Enermax one.. problem solved! worked fine... for about 3 hours, then did exactly the same again. I then spent a couple weeks fiddling with everything, and eventually just mothballed the $hitty thing and got an Epox 8RDA+, and a T-bred 'B' 1700+. Oced to 2254Mhz (196x11.5).

I'm now exceedingly happy with it. Fast, stable, good integrated features... etc etc etc.

Like I say, I'll have another go, but as it's not the PC I use most of the time, and it <i>is</i> OK for LAN gaming (contains a Geforce2 Ultra), I lean towards leaving it well alone.

The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
August 26, 2003 6:41:01 PM

the voltage regulation problems have absolutly nothing to do with the chipset...

Blame your hardware monitor

or your motherboard/voltage regulator manufacturer

Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
August 26, 2003 9:42:42 PM

In reply to:
-and eventually just mothballed the $hitty thing and got an -Epox 8RDA+, and a T-bred 'B' 1700+. Oced to 2254Mhz -(196x11.5).

so...May I have your ASUS? :-)

-Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
a b V Motherboard
August 27, 2003 12:57:06 AM

I'm a system builder. I've never seen a GOOD VIA chipset. They fixed some problems, but MOST of the fixes came from card companies making their cards VIA compatable, instead of VIA making their chipsets compatable with everything. Examples of cards I've had problems with on several VIA chipsets:

Adaptec 2940
Adaptec 2940UW
Aureal SQ2500
Creative SB AWE64
Creative SB Live
Diamond Monster 300
Diamond Viper 770 Ultra

If I took a LOT of time to recall the rest of the alphabet, I could come up with a longer list.

Many of these cards only caused insignificant problems by themselves, but when used with other problematic cards, these were compounded. The problems didn't exist on other chipsets. And they were often caused by the "VIA PCI latency bug".

Sometimes a newer VIA driver would fix some issues on some boards while making other systems crash completely.

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