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Maybe this has been discussed in another MW2 thread and I missed it because I couldn't frankly care less about this game, but what's up with the price? Like I said I couldn't care less about this game and never intended to buy it so I pretty much missed the fact that they were charging $60 for the PC version (standard, not special edition or anything) and the same for the same version of the console versions.

Is there any reason for this to be the case? From what I understand the PC version is actually lacking what would normally be expected in a PC game yet they are charging the same as the console versions which is normally unheard of especially for games over $50 USD. I really hope this game flops on the PC for no other reason than to send the message that charging console price premiums on PC games is just not going to work. Especially when you take away what's supposed to be the benefits of the PC version.

I can understand if the prices of games in general were going up or even if the price of this game went up on consoles as well but that's not the case and this feels like it's a publisher trying to pass off the cost of console games onto PC gamers. What's more is that other companies seem to be going the other way and offering PC gamers a break on prices more often than consoles.

I've always been one to argue hard against justifying piracy on these forums but if in a few weeks I see stories like that of what happen with COD:MW in terms of piracy I can't say I want crack a smile.
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  1. The reason is that IW has to pay a Sh**T load of money to set up dedicated servers for the new game. I just signed the dedicated server form . you should too, along with everyone else.HEre is the link:
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