Crash on boot up in Win2k on dual PIII system

We have an MSI-6362 based system with dual 1Ghz PIII's running win2k SP3 which is crashing on boot up from a cold start. You can eventually boot if you boot in safe mode then restart. The machine also has a tendency to crash when working.

This started happening after reinstalling win2k with the HAL set to MPS Multiprocessor and ACPI turned off in the bios (which should be correct for a dual machine). Also installed are the latest VIA 4 in 1 drivers (4.49). As the crash happens during the boot up sequence at the point when it switches from the black and white progress bar to the colour loading screen I wonder if it has something to do with the AGP drivers?

This is a rather an odd affliction as it has also happened to two other dual processor machines (MSI-6321 mainboard)with VIA chipsets (although I hadn't reinstalled the OS on these). The only way I could get them to work was to remove a processor.

Anybody any ideas as to the cause or possible solution?
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  1. It could be a power problem, or it could be...a driver problem. I hate diagnosing VIA driver problems so I'll leave that to someone else (I even do that for a local shop, but I get paid $50 a pop for it).

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  2. hmm.. pain in the arse is what it is. Tried the latest VIA drivers to no effect, shall try removing PCI cards next to see if that helps.

    Cheers anyway.
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