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  1. toneekay said:

    I'm looking to sell my cards that're practically in NEW condition; the reason I'm letting these go is because with my motherboard and case layout, it really creates a lot of heat (I also lack the amount of fans in there as well). The first card I've had since Christmas 2011 and that one has been slightly overclocked for the time of its usage, and the second card I've had for just a little over a weeks time from today, 03/17/12. They ran together flawlessly in my rig as far as performance, however I didn't like the temperatures (due to mobo/case combo) I was seeing so now I'm going back to a single card solution.

    First GPU: $190 shipped
    Second GPU: $200 shipped
    BOTH GPUs: $380 shipped

    * I'll post more pics later, but in the meantime, the picture above shows how close everything is together due to my motherboard (which traps heat around there since I don't have a bottom fan blowing up).

    You're pricing it wrong........... If I bought both, why the hell is is 380$ and why is one card 190$? I mean, it's from Christmas? It's not really new, it's used for about 2 1/2 months. :non:
  2. you might get 250-300 for the pair
  3. agreed..

  4. Bump!
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  6. those are easily worth 350 shipped. pop em up on ebay.
  7. normantaylor7 said:
    those are easily worth 350 shipped. pop em up on ebay.

    worth $350? at Buy It Now maybe and those ain't selling. the auctions are topping out @ 125-135.
    even the hawk isn't selling @ 200. since the 680 introduction, 560/570 and 580 pricing isn't what it
    was, they are selling cheaper. toneekay will make that decision unless you'd like to purchase them?

  8. Yeah, I've already dropped down the price on my recently purchased card, and also added in the game that it came with. I know how the market is looking right now, yet I can't take such a huge loss.... unless I get desperate.
  9. Airdeano is pulling info out of his nowhere, i am a member on, and i am on ebay every day, they are not selling for 125-135, you can sell them at 170ea really easy as seen on ebay and hardforum today.
  10. whatever ntaylor.. your membership proves nothing other than you don't know what you are talking about. my paypal account disagrees with your assumptions.

    sorry toneekay.. glws

  11. Sounds to me like you should return to the seller saying it's damaged since that's partially true.
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