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I have a Playstation Vita, but am looking for a cheap PSP (2000 or 3000) to use for UMD only games and PS1 games (until the Vita is compatible). Not looking to spend more than $50-$60, but if the PSP is in really good shape and seller is willing to supplement the price with a trade I am willing to work something out.

Items I have for trade:

Dell 2209WA IPS 22" Monitor
Sprint Palm Pre (Clean ESN)
Sprint Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot (Clean ESN)
Sanyo XACTI CG10 Camcorder
Canon Powershot SD1100IS Digital Camera
OWC Mercury Pro External Blu-Ray Reader + DVD DL-CD Burner (Firewire, USB 2.0, eSATA)
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  1. Not too sure the model but I have a silver PSP that's in very good condition. I like the sound of that 22" monitor... Been needing a second one for a while now. I think it would be a fair trade, no? In fact, it's sided towards your side considerably, although I might just want to take the money... Oh and I just found out it's a PSP 2000.
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