[FS] Sager NP 9280 8gig Ram GTX 480M 2 gig


Have a Sager NP 9820 That I bought while I was deployed to Iraq, that I wish to get rid of. I will be pulling the CPU out unless I can get a decent offer with it in, considering i7 x980EE's are not cheap by any means. as of now specs are:

Intel i7-x980EE 3.3ghz 6 core LGA 1366
8 gigs of ddr3 1600
GTX 480m 2 gig with the new cooling system
2 x 250 gig 7200 rpm hard drives
17' screen
Built in tv tuner
DVI/HDMI video output

Will sell as whole computer for right price, please do not low ball me as these cpus go for 600-800 used.. If sold without cpu, will need a lga 1366 socket cpu i7950,960,980,990

Happy shopping and thanks for looking :D
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  1. I'm somewhat interested in the laptop without the processor.
    What's your asking price, and where are you willing to ship to?
  2. OP, can you provide any link to the product info for the Sager NP 9820? It seems to be out of production so it's hard to find info, but the platform sounds intriguing.
  3. Interested, but need a price...
  4. Hey sorry was at work when posted lol. Umm as for price minus cpu i was thinking around 800obo. Only reason for that is i can sell the gpu alone for 600+. Sad how over priced laptop parts are -_-.

    Got a link for ya

    here is link
  5. Shipping included in price for all 50 states
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