Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Update and now Servers are Down

First, would normally get the PC version, but lack of features = hell no.

Second, pre-ordered for the Xbox 360 since most of my friends have the 360 instead of the PS3, but people have decided not to get it.

Third, was able to get the PS3 version instead of the Xbox 360 version to play with the few friends that have the PS3 and not the Xbox 360.

Fourth, the latest update to MW2 caused a disconnect to the servers. Currently, no online play.

Anyways, game is fun, no doubt about that. PS3 version lags at times when the game's processing. How the game chooses the host is beyond me. I probably played in 30 matches already, and 6 of those have been laggy as hell. This is with an ethernet connection (not wireless) with 20 MB/sec cable.
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  1. Omg that sucks, lagy huh? Well I guess you are going to have to stick to what you've got sorry. I'm buying the PC version because I love to bump up the graphics and higher FPS. But the SP version rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. that's wierd, I had no lag whatsoever last night.... Have not tried playing today though, once i get home I will see what's going on......
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