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Asus A7V600 and S-ATA install problem

Last response: in Motherboards
August 25, 2003 8:30:50 AM

I've just bought a Maxtor Diamondmax 120GB S-ATA 8MB Cache 7200 RPM hard drive and am trying to install it on my Asus A7V600 motherboard. The only other drives I'm using at this time are a Pioneer DVD drive and a standard floppy drive.

The problem is that the BIOS only allows me to install S-ATA drives as part of a RAID configuration, not as a single bootable drive. The Win XP install process doesn't recognise the drive, although the drive is detected during the boot process when it checks the S-ATA ports.

The Asus manual only describes S-ATA installation as part of a RAID setup. Am I missing something here or will I need to buy a second hard drive to be able to make this work?

AMD Barton XP2500+
Radeon 9700 (non-pro)
512MB Corsair XMS PC3200 LL Platinum
Asus A7V600
Maxtor Diamondmax S-ATA 120GB
Windows XP Professional

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August 25, 2003 9:26:05 PM

when your installing windows it should say at some point press some key to install 3rd party drivers. this is where you tell it to install the drivers for your sata controler. cs game server -
August 26, 2003 3:25:23 AM

You should be able to press F6 during the start of theinstall setup process to install the raid drivers... weather the drive will be used as part of a RAID array or as a standard SATA drive.

If that doesnt work, go mollest a granny. :smile:

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August 26, 2003 3:49:10 AM

I agree with LHGPooBaa,and remember to put the driver disk into the floppy drive after you press F6 button(I`m afraid only floppy drive can work here).
August 26, 2003 8:00:16 AM

Thanks guys.

I tried the F6 routine, and had a floppy ready with the .sys and .inf files on it from the motherboard installation CD. I also copied the oem text file and the southbridge system file, which I think are required. I got an unexpected error message and the install process stopped.

I have already formatted and partitioned the SATA drive by temporarily plugging in my old ATA drive and using the disk management tools to detect and format the SATA drive. So the problem really is just with the Win XP installation. Reading around, it seems that a lot of people are having the same problem.

I'll try copy the files again onto a floppy in case I missed something. And other ideas would be welcome.

Thanks - now it's granny time.......

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