Crysis will not start in dx10 in vista 32 bit, can't figure it out!

Ok heres my problem. crysis will not load in dx10 and I can't understand why. Here are a few of the things I have tried. I found a similar thread to this on toms here but it dealt with 64 bit and I have 32 (vista home premium). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I ran dxdiag and know my system has dx10. I even had dx11 (vista platform update) for a littlewhile but to no avail. here are my rig specs

Board: XFX 780i
CPU: core 2 x6800
ram: 4gb buffalo firestyx pc2-6400
GPU: Galaxy GTS 250 3 way SLI
OS: Vista home premium 32 bit
PSU: BFG 1000 watt
HDD: 500gb WD caviar blue

I have just configured my 3 way SLI setup (I shopped for a while to get everything :). I am at a loss and have been troubleshooting this left and right (I am not a pro but i am not a noob either) and I cannot figure out whats wrong. Other than the vista platform update I have changed nothing, and that I unistalled so I know I am back to DX10. any help would be very appreciated! Thanks in adavance.

p.s. and please (respectfully) to all the people who read this and start typing to tell me to play in dx9 and say there is no difference....DON'T.
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  1. 1. How can I check to see if it is? 2. what would cause it do that in vista?
  2. Ok I will try that and let you know what happens.
  3. ok, here is the verdict. it is not running in xp mode. i tried running the game as an administrator and that did squat. crysis warhead also refuses to load in dx10. i installed cod waw and it runs but i can't tell if it is dx10 or not. i went in and installed dx10 from the game files and that did nothing. what happens is this. I go into my games folder and right click and select "play in dx10" the cursor starts the loading icon, the screen flashes black and the crysis dx10 flashes on the task bar, then nothing. grrrrrr
  4. no it does not matter if it tri SLI or not, i had tried that. I will try reinstalling dx again, do you know where i can find the file to do that. I hate microsofts website, it sucks to navigate and I cannot find the dx download.
  5. thanks I will try it and see, I appreciate the help!
  6. ok I went ahead and installed an it just said that I am up to date and have all the current runtimes. I am mystified....
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    have you tried rolling back to some older GPU drivers?
  8. I am in the process right now, except that it did work at one point with the newest drivers but that was before tri sli. but again I know that tri sli is not the issue. so to the old drivers i go. ill post again after i do
  9. OK, so I went in and removied all of the drivers and every single thing related to them. Then I installed the drivers prior to the newest ones and it worked!!!!! So thank you guys for tryin to help me. sometimes when you are really annoyed with something you don't think clearly so it's nice to have the extra minds thinking of the obvious things you can't . so again thanks!
  10. happy to help :)
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