Will GTA IV run easily on this Computer?

Hey all.Does GTA IV run easily without lagging on this computer: AMD PHENOM II 550 3.1GHZ AM3 BLACK EDITION · ARCTIC COOLING FREEZER 7 PRO REV2 PWM · ASUS M4N78 ATX · 4GB DDR2 800Mhz (2x2GB) · 1000GB SATA2 7200RPM · ATI RADEON 4870 512Mb GDDR5 PCI-E And btw is this computer good`?If it is why?
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  1. i hear gta4 loves quads
  2. That's a dual core AMD chip (technically it's a quad core with 2 cores disabled) and a 512 MB GPU. If you are running high resolutions, it won't run very well.

    Morris, that's not a bad PC by any means but GTAIV is coded in a way to really puts an emphasis on 4 cores and 768 MB or higher video RAM. That will run most other games very, very well.
  3. Ok,i understand :) thanks TheViper you a nice guy :)
    Well i know that the computer is not one of the best but i like it!Bechause the price is 600€ (541,2pounds)
    But do u think this computer will run GTA IV with normal graphics? And same with COD 4,5 MW 2:)
    Thanks TheViper :) :)
  4. GTAIV might lag a bit but the other 3 games will run great.
  5. As long as you have your video/view distance settings on low you will be fine.
  6. hmm ok :/ But i'm getting some suspicious when u viper says that GTA IV might LAG a bit with NORMAL GRAPHICS!?!
    My friend has a good computer too it's like this,same good.But still differens.And he can with normal graphics withoit laggy.Thats make me wondering...
  7. I have almost the same specs as what you posted above and the game runs fine at med-settings. Of course there will be a lag spike here n there, specially when alot of action is going on.
  8. Okey,thanks :) I think i'm going to buy that computer bechause it's rather cheap :)
    I just wondering if the CPU is good? Thanks OvrClkr :) :)
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