Help me with my onboard sound problem please!!!

Ok this is just driving me CRAZY!!!! I have an a7n8x deluxe mobo with logitech z-640's speakers. Some reason the plugs came out of the jacks, and now I can't remember how I had it. The speaker manual only says match the colors. Well hell it doesn't work that way. I'll try to make a detailed description so you guys can tell me where stuff goes.....

Speakers: 6 speakers; 4 satellite speakers, 1 center speakers, 1 bass speaker. Support Dolby Digital sound.
It has three (can't think of the computer term right now) plugs??? green,orange,black to insert into your sound card (in my case motherboard). I don't know what color stands for what since the manual doesn't say at all. The manual has a nice half page description that says....connect the colors.

(Heres where I get lost)Motherboard Audio Connectors:
For 4 or 6 speaker audio output, the Line in (light blue) connects to other audio sources. The Line Out (lime) connects to the Left/Right Front Speakers. The Mic (pink) connects to a microphone. The Surround L/R audio connector connects to the Left/Right surround speakers. The Center/LFE connector connects to the Center speakers or Bass Speakers.

There is a setup wizard also that gives me these choices to choose from:

My speakers are using digital connection
My speakers are using analog connection

My Speakers support Dolby Digital Coding
My Speakers do not support DOlby Digital Coding

My analog speakers use a single input and are in dolby digital surround mode.

My analog speakers use one or more inputs and are not in dolby digital surrond mode

Rear Speakers:
My rear speakers are plugged into the line in input on my audio device.
Center Speaker and Subwoofer:
My Center Speaker and Subwoofer are plugged into the microphone input on my audio device

When I hit the test button all the sound comes from the front right and left speakers. It shows sound coming from the speaker output level bars though. Please help me!!!
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  1. I cant quite catch you.But i think something i know is good for you.First,i think you sound equipment must be NVIDIA`s Sound Storm.Then you must set the options right--dont choose the digital connection!(not fit for you speaker)And choose the 5.1settings of the sound out put in teh control panel.OK,come to the connection of the speakers:Line out on the board connects the front speaker(green).Line in to the rear speakers(maybe the black one,cause you not mention it).And microphone to the center(the last plug).Then test it.If not right,correct it.
  2. Thanks for the help but it didn't work. I tried the connections the other way too. No sound comes from my center speakers or left/right rear speakers. All of the sound comes from the front. I read and tried this too:

    If you only have 3 audio jacks, it is recommended to use the Speaker Setup Wizard to switch the output from Line-IN jack to Rear Speaker Out and the output from Mic_In jack to Center Speaker Out, Subwoofer (Center.LFE output).

    I have 5 audio jacks though I believe so that didn't work.
  3. Under, Nforce Control Panel, Speaker Setup Tab, did you create the center channel? I had to do that in order to get my center speaker going on that board.

    Well, I didn't think that was gonna happen!!!
  4. I tried it and it didn't work. When I insert the green plug the sound comes from the front left/right AND the subwoofer. I don't see why that is.
  5. Man I don't know. I've just been sitting here playing with mine & there's no problem turning on & off all speakers fom the Nforce Control Pannel. I know I created the center channel when I first started it up & that was all I had to do. Hope you get it figured out.

    Sorry about that!

    Well, I didn't think that was gonna happen!!!
  6. Hey thanks for all the help!!! I finally got it to work. I had no clue what I did but I pressed some buttons here and there and it works!!!!!! So much better watching movies now with surround sound. Thanks again!!!!
  7. Hey I'm really glad you got it. Some times they take a bit of coaxing.

    Well, I didn't think that was gonna happen!!!
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