NF7-S extra 4 pin PSU connector???

Hi there,

I have recently bought a NF7-S and I found that it had these extra 4 pin connector for the PSU. But im currently running the board without it being connected. I Iwas wondering what this is for and would I be better of with it connected or not???

Thanx in advance for any help given!!!
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  1. originally found on P4s, it is simply what you'd think - supplies extra power to the mobo, as the standard ATX connector was not always supplying enough. If your system's stable it's not a problem, but plugging it in probably won't do any harm.

    This thing has only recently started appearing on AMD mobos, and I'm a bit suprised that no-one seems to have brought it up much... maybe I missed something?

    The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
  2. It's not essential to connect it. I built a system for my friend with this MB and the power supply he bought had this connector. So, I connected it.

    Some people claim that this extra connector can be useful for overclocking. But, I never got the chance to test or see some articles about that.

    Would you buy a GPS enabled soap bar?
  3. being useful for overclocking would make sense, as when you run faster stuff more power is required... So It's probably fine to leave it off at stock speeds.

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  4. OK thanx for that I'll connect it, since I will be overclocking my machine.
  5. Good man! what CPU have you got?

    The faster it goes, the better the price/perf ratio... That's what I say! :evil:

    The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
  6. NF7-S Rev 2.0
    Barton 2500+ AQXEA (10.5*210)
    CPU cooler Aero 7 Lite CP5-8J71F
    Kingston 2 x 512 PC3200 CL3 6-3-3-2.5
    vcore 1.725
    vdim 2.9v
    chipset voltage 1.7

    I cant seem to go past 210 FSB I think my ram can't handle anything faster than 210 FSB. I've tried lowering my multiplier and increasing my voltages too. Have you got any other suggestions?
  7. What are your temps?

    Could be your RAM I guess, but I would have thought it'd be ok up to ~220 or so (most things can handle 10%..)

    If you drop the multi all the way down, can you not go any further?

    At the end of the day though, 210FSB is pretty good though, when you consider it's supposed to be 166 :cool: ..

    I can only get 196FSB from my xp1700, so count yourself lucky! Although I think that's my mobo rather (non 'ultra 400' Epox 8RDA+) than anything else.

    The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
  8. At my current setting my temperatue is 51 idle and 54 load.
    I have tried a lower multiplier and I have reached 214 FSB but its not stable at those speed. 210 is a stable FSB for me. :)
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