WTB PCI-E 1GB card

Must be either new or Gently used (NEVER OC'ed). Must be willing to use Ebay to conduct sale, or have references.

Spec requirements.

I will consider 2GB if you are at the same price as a 1GB.
Im not retarded picky about brand.
GDDR5 memory
800MHZ+ processor
Interface ports available... anything goes. I have adapters. :)

Im on a budget, but I will not post what that budget is because the last thing I want is someone to waste their time telling me their 90$ card is worth 140.

I know what 1GB cards are going for right now. Feel free to ask if I would be interested in what you have to offer, and we can discuss from there in PMs. :)
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  1. Bump/Prefer 1GB card since I am not going to buy something way over my minimum specs that is like... 300$.

    Here maybe this helps.

    If NEW 1GB GDDR5 Cards go for anything from 100-175.... What would I buy it for with a used/no guarantee situation? Not the same price! there. Offer!

  2. If you did 175 + 20 shipping I would give you my reference 6950 2GB.
  3. looking to pay no more then 150$. I dont want 2gb, just 1 gb. 150 is even to much for a used card. anyone? NOBODY WANTS A CHEAP UPGRADE?
  4. I PMed you. I have a card I want to sell. $140 shipped. 1GB. Reply please.
  5. Deal done. Close thread please. :)
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