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Call of Duty MW2 Crashes.

hey everyone. i got the game for the pc. its not as bad as everyone says it is. its pretty nice. but thats not the problem. when i play about a few minutesinto the game i just freeze.. display-driver-atikmdag-stopped-responding-error.... wtf, i know alot of ppl had this. i googled everything couldnt find a solution. i set my gfx lower and still wont work plz do some research and help me. i want to get back to gaming.
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    System crashed when under load can be narrowed down to a few things

    1) driver issue with the video card
    2) excess heat CPU / GPU
    3) corrupt installation
    4) failing PSU

    I assume you have tried reinstalling the game ? Next one to try is a new driver. If this doesnt cure the problems then you may have some more serious issues.
  2. Yeahh I agree with ULYSSES35. Try reinstalling all the hardware components like CPU and RAM< GPU( ex) reboot and run a system test. Also try a new driver or roll the current one back. Try that. Good Luck, I agree the game is so sick. Best this year.
  3. Maybe This can help.
  4. well. i kinda fixed it. the fan was on 3% i put it up to 50% and i actually bossted the graphics.. and it stoppped. so i think it was the stupid auto fan thing that didnt do anything even when the temp got up to 60c...
  5. its a mw2 eroor. gpu drivers arent handshaking with some code. its happening to me too and alot of ppl. reinstalling wont help. infinity wont update or even care for that matter because they are sellouts. we will have to deal with the problem until battlefield bad comapny 2 in march!
  6. hi i playd mw 2 on my pc for 90 houres without any problems and just now i stopped working and it says cod mw 2 does not work anymore iwmp.exe (APPCRASH) and i got in iwmp.exe console
    and i dont know what to do for this problem can somebody plz help me .
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