Modern warfare 2 - 18 rating questions - possible spoiler

i'm thinking of buying mw2 for someone, is there anything other than the shoot the hostage scene that might warrant the 18 cert? i'm happy with violence in general and moral issues with the hostage scene, but drugs, sex, random violence against innocents is more of an issue.

so the question is, is there any other reason for the 18? Xbox360 version.

thanks for the help.
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  1. You mean aside from killing thousands of people rendered in great detail?

    I always find it odd that people are so OK with blatant graphic violence but natural human activities like sex are so taboo.

    Personally, I feel the age restrictions are a parental decision (not some moral board room).
  2. We're happy with death and destruction for the 'right' reasons, but not the semi random gta type violence, not yet at least anyway, don't get me wrong i'm not a wishy washy liberal parent, but until i've played it i'm not sure if there's anything else of import. So i'm asking those that have played it, is there anything else (so that I can make a decision based on that), i don't expect there to be, but it can't hurt to find out.

    I'm not a follower of (is it thompson over in the states) or keith vaz who seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, just need to know if this is COD4 with a single scene that is questionable or something else.

    Its not in that great detail either he's only got a little screen :)
  3. "We're happy with death and destruction for the 'right' reasons"

    Are you $hiting me. There is no death and destruction for the 'right' reasons.
  4. there are reasons that are more 'right' than I have a baseball bat and they happened to be there, i.e. someone holding gun to someones head, would using violence in those circumstances be justified to the same level as the first example?

    morals are not black and white, i just want to know what shade of grey we are talking about.
  5. Interesting question.Call of Duty shade of gray. War on terror,global death and destruction shade of gray.
  6. shall we start up a seperate thread to discuss is violence ever justified, its only one of the age-old questions maybe we could have a stab (no pun intended) at it.
  7. That is good idea.Call it violence in games.
  8. If theyre 18 give them the money and they can buy it themselves, otherwise you shouldnt buy it for them at all. full stop.

    There's been a massive hoo-ha in the uk about violence in video games this week, the bottom line was that people who supply games to underage kids are the problem.
  9. is it fundementally any different to COD4? (16) halo (15) force unleashed (you can throw people off buildings) (12) or soul cailber (can you still rip spines out?) (12).

    Is the hoo-ha in the uk related to some knwo nothing politicians trying to big themselves up by taking a stand on something (Keith Vaz?) Ultimately every child matures at different rates and have different levels of understanding of right at wrong at any given age. The only people who know what their child can cope with is the parent, some parents will have difficulty with this choice, some parents won't have enough information (not mindless opinion).

    some articles about keith vaz:

    Still trust that his views are completely altruistic.

    Violence in games is a big topic, not one that I am trying to solve here, I'm asking for spoilers on any other interesting content in MW2.
  10. It's the same as MW1 with different weapons, maps, etc.... let the kid play....

    Let me refresh you guys with MW1, the intro had a hostage scene, militants blindfolding hostages and then executing them in front of a wall, a man on his knees beggin for mercy and then shot in the forehead... So all of this nonsense reagarding the violence is basically mild compared to other games that are by far worse but still accepted by ESRB.
  11. Thanks for the answer, I'm going to close this one if I can.
  12. Because "The Man" or "The System" made an arbitrary decision, that if you are 17 years old and 364 days, you can't buy the game. But if you wait 24 more hours, you can. Something in those last 24 hours makes you mature enough to realize that the violence is all fun and games and that you won't be so impressionable or so easily influenced that you'll act out the game in real life.

    The questioned shouldn't be so much in "Why 18" but in "How 18?"
    All Zen Masters who also happen to be fans of CoD4, if there are any, please feel free to share your insights.
  13. i just finished game.OMG it is really sick.Don`t let your children play it.
  14. will it turn them into mindless slavering zombies with gun fetishes and the urge to shoot people...
  15. probably [:alexj022]
  16. well at least they'll be of use in the coming zombie apocalypse/scavenge for the last drops of water/fuel/food :)
  17. Good point.Let them play. [:alexj022]
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