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i was just wondering if anyway could show me a PC from under $400 to $500 that could run WoW at highest settings or at least run it well and still look decent. It doesnt matter if it comes with a Monitor or Keyboard, ect. but it would be nice. Many Thanks. :sol:
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  1. That's going to depend on the resolution of your monitor.

    Gateway DX4300-03 Phenom X4 9750(2.4GHz) 8GB DDR2 1TB ATI Radeon HD 4650 Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit

    That's $70 above your budget but it will do the job.
  2. I agree!
  3. but then thats about $70 more because of shipping and tax
  4. $419.99
    Open Box: CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 7212 Athlon II X2 245(2.9GHz) 4GB DDR2 500GB NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit

    It's an open box but that is the best you can hope for in your budget.
  5. yeahh, thats true, but I'll go for a new one just in case. But hey its alright,

    BTW/ I cant wait for BLACK FRIDAY! Who is camping?
  6. find out if wow benefits much from quad core processors. If not, then go for the fastest dual core processor you can find.
  7. What are your pc specs right now? Maybe you can just upgrade it a little bit and not spend $500 on a new system.

    It's definitely doable though. You won't even need $500 if you already have a monitor.
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