Microsoft Bans 1 Million Xbox Live players playing Pirated MW2

WE LOVE FREE PLAY! especially if we are talking Modern Warfare 2 :D But be careful now, it seems Microsoft had tighten their belt and have recently banned 1 million xbox live players for using a pirated copy of Modern Warfare 2

so much for the "free-play":
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  1. That sucks, I would pay the $60 anytime. The game is worth it plust I want IW to make the next Modern Warfare 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. well to make the next MW 3 they have to make MW3 first. Then they have to give it some kinda subtitle thinger like, Modern Warfare 3: Arctic Subjugation.
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    They banned chipped XBoxes, not certain copied games.
  4. MS is in deep crap right now, there are many legit game owners that are having wierd banned messages pop up on thier screens when in fact they have purchased the game and do not have modded boxes. I smell a lawsuit soon....
  5. MS has a pretty easy out on this one. They are not bricking machines, disabling software, or locking accounts. They are simply saying "if your hardware does not meet our requirements you cannot connect to our servers". It's a perfectly legit response regardless of why they are doing it. If they deem any users hardware not being fit to connect to their servers they have the right to denying access. It's something WoW/Blizzard has done for a long time and they don't get sued because there's nothing wrong with it.
  6. What I am saying is that many legit users that have purchased the game and have not modded their 360's in any way are getting the same message as the pirates/modders. The day MW2 came out my neighbor had this issue and we ended up calling MS to see WTF was going on and the CS rep said that there is a huge mess. He said that they are getting flooded by legit consumers that are having the same issue....
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