How to open Call Of Duty: WAW console with an Italian keyboard?

Does anyone know how to open up the console feature on Call Of Duty World At War when using an Italian keyboard, that does not feature a 'Tilda' key?
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  1. Why not just change over your keyboard layout in windows before launching the game?
  2. I sortd it. I needed to turn the console on in the options and use the backslash key.
  3. You can always just change your keyboard format with windows, then avoid having to screw around with such options :)
  4. The option is in the game a one time trick/option.
    Changing settings will be much more problematic as I don't know what English symbols are where and I am also typing in both English and Italian so I would have to keep changing the keyboard format before and after playing the game.
  5. Ahh ok, I see what you're sayin now. Well there is no sense making it more confusing ;-) I was just lettin ya know that if you switch it over you can hit your console ~ key then swap it back after you have done what you need.
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