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Selling my computer to get a laptop for college. Great gaming rig. Check it out and leave an offer.
Thank you.
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  1. You'd be lucky to find a buyer for half that price and I'm not exaggerating. Seriously, that's not goanna fly...
  2. Sure there is depreciation but originally the CPU alone is 1400, and the monitor is 200. 850 for all of them is a great deal.
  3. The CPU alone is $124.99 ---->

    And yea, the monitor might be $200 but it still comes down to a build that's not going to give you very much power in gaming or stressful activities because the CPU isn't too great and neither is the video card. Could potentially be a pretty good desktop for, say, a student who doesn't need a lot of power.

    I'm not trying to... err.. discourage any customers that you might get but the truth is that you could build that rig for cheaper (much cheaper) if you buy the used parts and put it together or even if you buy the parts new. Although if you buy the parts new you would probably be going a tad bit higher than your price. I'm just saying that there are much better rigs out there for a cheaper price so I would match your competition if I were you or you won't sell the computer. Also, I advise you not to advertise your "product" on threads made by people who want to sell their own computer. It can potentially make you very... err... unpopular. Stick to private messages or nothing at all.

  4. I meant the CPU as in the computer and all the components. Depreciation doesn't work that fast. It is well worth 800.
  5. they do as soon as you break the seal on the device. that'd be open it, opps it doesn't fit, oh hell i'll sell it and bam.. you lost 30% because it is now used. powered or not.. it is hard to prove it isn't busted or been run or just outta the box.
    1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day or longer it is used and that's the burden of the rebuyer to accept as it is now on he/she weather the product performs as advertised. you got your money, they got used stuff. oh and depreciation works as fast as it wants. the 570/580 and 590 are all relatively new, but now 680 is here these cards aren't as "pricey" as before, sellers are moving on...

  6. ^+1
    Exactly what I've been trying to say. Oh and if it was something like a 6870 then it would be "relatively new" but even they are about 2 years old now which is a lifetime in technology. But you're talking about a 5770, which is extremely old (the 3rd generation down the line old) and, although I'm sure it was worth around $200ish at some point, is now worth $40 if you're lucky (I just checked eBay). Not only is it 3 generations old but it also sports 1gb of ddr3 memory, opposed to ddr5 memory that just about all cards sport today. A 5770 is the rough equivalent to a 7670 (I don't even think there is such a thing). Nope, I just checked. AMD doesn't go that low. Wow, now that I really think about it you really would be lucky to sell that build for $400. In fact, I don't think you could. Maybe try around $200-300?
  7. Um yeah. Maybe 500 or so. That PC isnt all that great for that kinda money. Sorry it just isnt. Your offers will average 400-500 I bet.
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