Three games that cause my computer to freeze/crash.

Hello everybody,


I built this computer about 9 months ago (with the great help of the Tomshardware online community), and now I come to ask you for help again.

The first game I played on my computer here was Crysis. Ran pretty good, all settings high with an average of 25-40FPS (1600x900 monitor). This was when my computer had a single HD 4870. Well anyways, after getting my collection of games gathered up on steam/installed, I stopped playing Crysis for a while, mainly due to how boring it got. But about three months ago I wanted to try it out again after I got 4GB more RAM and another 4870 to crossfire. After installing all of my new hardware, I decided to try out Crysis again. So after searching for some time, I found the CD. Put it in, double clicked the game, then about five seconds later after loading, the computer froze. Now mind you, this was the first time my computer has ever done ANYTHING weird. I've never had a blue screen, and barely any driver issues. So after looking around for a while, I gave up on it since the game wasn't that great in the first place, more of a benchmark I guess.

Anyways, then about a month or so ago when Red Faction: Guerrilla came out, I purchased and downloaded it off steam. After it was finished downloading/installing, I double clicked it. The screen went black like it usually does for most games, but then just sat there. I let it sit for about 5 minutes before just hitting the reset button. Tried it again, same thing. I could Windows out for about four seconds then it would just lock up like it did before.

Then just yesterday I saw that steam had the Crysis ultimate pack on sale for 50% off, so I snatched it up. Waited all day for it to download. Crysis Warhead finished downloading first, so I double clicked it. It went through the usual DirectX install and Punkbuster initialization. But then when it finished with all of that, my computer froze AGAIN. Then Crysis finished, so I tried that, and ended up with the same result, computer frozen.

I have tried everything. Re-installing, removing one of my video cards, then the other. Removing 4GB of my RAM. Returning my CPU to its original clock. Nothing. Nothing worked. I have no clue why it is doing this. My computer runs great for every other game I have (Which is a lot). And I don't think there is anything wrong with the physical cards or CPU because every other game runs fine, even physically intense games such as Empire: Total War.

So what can/should I do? Adding all these games up that's about $100 that just won't work on my computer for some extremely stupid reason I cannot find.

TL;DR. Red Faction:Guerrilla, Crysis, and Crysis Warhead, all freeze my computer. Ive tried many things listed above, what should i do?

Help me guys =(
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  1. Are these 2 cards 512 or 1gig cards ?............. What is your power supply ? Did you increase the voltage to the memory when you added the extra ram ?
  2. 2 512 cards. PSU is 750W PC power and cooling. I never changed the voltage to the memory.
  3. Have you updated DX at all ? Is this on Vista by any chance ? Have you gone to Windows Update lately ?
  4. DirectX should be fully updated. And I'm using Windows 7 Professional x64
  5. For the games you are having trouble with....... can you right click on them and select "run in compatibility mode for"...... try windows xp/............ and also try to "run as admin. see if that helps.
  6. Just tried to do that with RF:G and it did the same freezing thing. I'm assuming it will do the same for Crysis and Crysis: Warhead, but i'll try em anyways.
  7. W7 or not, when you installed the games did you install the DX that was on the disc with the game ? All it takes is one missing dll file.
  8. Well all three of them were through Steam. The first time Crysis started crashing was from a disk. But I had that installed and working for several months until it started freezing up (about when I overclocked my CPU) But I have tried restoring all my clocks to normal timings/voltages and nothing has worked. For some reason these three games just don't seem to work.
  9. google DX9c or go search windows website to see if you can get the latest one and run it.
  10. I have tried running crysis in DX9 before and it still did the same thing, so I'm not sure if that'll help.
  11. I said DX9c not DX9.......... google DX9c. When you find it run it. It helps your games run.
  12. Aah ok, downloading now.

    This is what I downloaded. Looks like the most recent one. Trying it out in a minute.
  14. Yep, that's what I downloaded. Tried it and they all do the same thing =(

    This problem is very frustrating.
  15. Maybe there's a problem inre to W7 and those games ? Can you put them on another machine with a different opsys ?
  16. I googled and did a yahoo search...... windows 7 and game crashes....... it's got to be the opsys. Another Vista experience only worse for more people. Go to Microsofts updates and see if there are any updates that might help.
  17. Well, the Crysis thing first started when I had Windows Vista x64 Business. It was just odd that the game ran fine for months then magically stopped working.
  18. Then I have to start thinking it's hardware related. Different games put different stresses on your hardware. After installing more ram and another card I can only think that the power supply might be on it's last legs. Good supplies they were but good ones do go south too. Any chance on swapping one out ?
    The motherboard was a p45ud3p ?
  19. Well from my understanding 750W is more than enough, and other games I have like Empire: Total War, arguably put about the same amount of stress on the components. Thing is after testing this out the only conclusion I can find is a hardware issue. It is just a confusing problem since every other game I have works perfectly fine.
  20. When you put in your second card........ you uninstalled the drivers, shut down, put the second card in and rebooted and reinstalled the drivers ? Did you also go back and look for one of the first drivers that came out for the 4870 ? I know Vista drivers work under W7.... this was in nvidia but worth a try on your part. There may be some kind of conflict.
  21. with the post above

    did you go to windows update ? Did you try and go into the device manger and uninstall the cards and reboot and let windows install drivers........... and/or after reboot go to windows update and see what they come up with ?
  22. Basically what I did was: I wiped the video drivers first. Shut off the computer and added the extra RAM/Video Card. Turned the computer back on. Went to ATI's driver download page and downloaded the current drivers for Vista 64. Then of course when I made the switch to 7 I switched to the Windows 7 64bit version. That's basically it.
  23. dude i have the same problem with CODMW2. i need a solutions plz. i get the bsod every like 3-5 hours into the game aor i just freeze in the game and cant do anything so i have to restart. but i found out one thing. turn on your fans to high and u can last longer.
  24. thangbipbomz said:
    dude i have the same problem with CODMW2. i need a solutions plz. i get the bsod every like 3-5 hours into the game aor i just freeze in the game and cant do anything so i have to restart. but i found out one thing. turn on your fans to high and u can last longer.

    Well that's a easy answer for you. Your computer is obviously overheating. Either the CPU or the videocards are reaching a point where the computer shuts itself off. Get some better airflow.
  25. Bumping up again. Still not working correctly for any of these games. Bought L4D2 and it works absolutely flawless. =(
  26. Bumping again, looking for more answers.
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