2x 6950 twin frozr III's for sale!

YEP 2 6950 twin frozr III's

these cards retail 300new

I'm looking for 230 shipped ea!

buy both and you get a discount!
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  1. GLWS, hope that works out..

  2. ty!
  3. You do realize that you are asking retail prices for used and dated technology right?
  4. It sells for 300 brand new from stores. and i see reference 6950's selling for 220$ shipped all over the place.

    i don't see how 230 is retail when newegg/amazon was selling them for 300new each.

    + i made a price check thread and i was told 230-240 shipped ea by alot of ppl lol(like 7ppl on overclock)

    let me remind that these are not normal 6950s, they come factory overclocked with the twin frozr III cooler.
  5. bump 220 shipped takes em otherwise i'm throwing them on ebay.
  6. People are just in a "wait and see" mode to feel out how the new pricing is going to play out.

    Some are already catching onto the fact that the 7xxx cards will never be even close to the $250 mark that the 6xxx cards were going for.

    People who don't want to pay out the rear for a 7xxx card but still want to upgrade will see the value of used 6xxx series cards soon.

    That's why AMD took them all off the market ;)

    I may just pull mine off the market and let the reality of the new pricing sink in, then sell it....
  7. :P

    1currently pending

    1 still left.
  8. bump

  9. can i get a $35 discount
  10. 210 is the lowest i can go, if it was a normal 6950 i'd let it go for 185 but it has a aftermarket cooler and comes factory overclocked with a possibility to unlock to a 6970. they were about 310 new so i think 210 used is fair. i only hav 1 left tho.
  11. normantaylor7 said:
    ...with a possibility to unlock to a 6970.
    Do they unlock? If you bothered installing an aftermarket cooler, I know you bothered checking if they unlock.

    that is the card im selling, it comes aftermarket cooler on it, and i have no clue if it unlocks as to unlock twin frozr 6950's you need a usb drive i believe and i don't have a usb drive.
  13. umm... Vollman, you're missing something there. Here, let me explain-
    When a new generation of cards come out, the now-old generation starts to seriously SINK in price. They will not go up and if you think they will then you are under false pretenses. Not trying to act rude, just explaining something.

  14. sold em on ebay for 250 ea, lol
  15. screenshots or it never happened :) lol
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