Can this system max MW2?

AMD Phenom II X3 720 (OC to 3.3ghz)
3GB DDR2 800
ATI HD4850 (Two of them in crossfire OCd to 625/1000)

I'm having some stuttering and fps drops to 30-40fps in single player even at 1280x1024 and some setting turned down. I was wondering if people thought this should be able to handle the game at max or not and something wrong with my system else ware.

I'm already concerned I'm having power issues, but I've posted that in another thread
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  1. Anyone? I'm still at a loss here as to why this preforms so badly.
  2. id say it should... i have a 955 with 8Gbs or ddr3 1333 and one 4870, all at stock speeds and i max it without a hitch... have you updated the bios so that the cool & quiet work as they should? before i upgraded mine on the FX board from gigabyte i had the same problem with GTA4... after the update the CPU speed could finally go up to 3.2Ghz instead of almost always beeing at 800Mhz and frame rates went from 12 to 50... (altought i play at 1024*768) plus dont forget to have updates display drivers =)
  3. Just 1 HD 4850 them alone should max out MW2 at that resolution.

    If the above suggestions do not fix it, try removing one of the cards.

    Also, what is your PSU?
  4. Also what OS do you use?
  5. I think that stuttering is only in few places in the game.
  6. which spots? and try turning off AA, might be driver issues, though i have none with a 4870 and AA @ 4x :s
  7. by the way it can also be harddrive related... there are some places where even my 3 seagate 500Gbs 7200.12 have enough bandwidth for a smoth loading... when this happens the game laggs a bit... in my case it isnt much, but if your harddrive os older it might be more significant
  8. ate the "in raid 0" of the previous post lol
  9. i had big stuttering frame drop in SP when there are smoke or burning.

    some in MP ,thank god only couple of maps stutter (nothing unplayable but damn annoying especialy in Mp cmon)

    and it feels like its not giving the performance that it should,
    its very bad comparade to cod4:mw i had STABLE 100-125 fps there.

    the game uses all the cores nicely and so does the GPU the utilization is around 90-100%

    my rig is phenom at 3.1 ghz (4cores)
    ATi 4870 / 512
    4 gb ram
    500w psu

    im hoping for a magic Driver fix from ATi or IW.
  10. BTW how can you play with that mouse pad or how is it called with a big ball in it ?:)

    (just checked you other thread )
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