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Hello everyone, I am thinking about trying to upgrade from my older Dell computer, I currently have a Dell Dimension R350 upgraded with 700mhz pent III, I have a Radeon 8500LE 128mb graphics board, 384Ram Running Win98 currently. I have all the add ons I think I need ,printer,monitor, SCSI scanner, modem CD/dvd drive, cdburner....etc

I enjoy computer gaming and would like to try and upgrade fairly inexpensively if possible. Can I get a barbones system for around $300, or can i build my own for same or get more for it? Can i just stick in my old hard drive to start? Upgrade to Win XP? I was thinking about P4 2.4, but would amd be better? 533? 800fsb? any specific board recommendations?

I really think I could do it myself just a little hesitant I guess, and unfortunately money is a factor... Anyone have any suggestions for me?
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  1. Is it a standard atx case (tower?) and what size is the psu?
  2. it is a tower case, dont know if it is standard, i thought i heard somewhere that dell cases were propietary and wouldnt fit standard boards? dont know if this is true?
  3. Some are, some aren't. Can you compare the back of the case with a standard one? If the case is ok and you just need proc mobo and ram, you could get an amd xp2500+, an epox board and 2 sticks of 256 meg ddr for $300. Unfortuneately the P4 2.4c sells for $171. Does not leave enough for mb and ram. If you need a case and psu as well, add another $50. roughly.
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