WTB Antec Sonata III 5.25" drive rails

I am trying to fix up a computer and sell it to help fund a couple case mod projects I have going on, but the only problem is that I can't find any of the drive rails that came with my Antec Sonata III case. They are the tooless drive rails for the optical drive bays. I only need one pair to have this rig ready to sell otherwise I am looking at drilling into it for no good reason.

Please help! BTW I already checked Antec's website for spare parts and they have limited availability and nothing that seems to match this case.

Continental USA please! And sorry I don't have a heatware account.

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  1. Try calling Antec. When I needed a power button for a very old 1030SX they had one for me.
  2. I will try that again I just wish they didn't have such short hours. Thanks for the riminder.
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