My pc turns off unexpectedly while playing Cod4

Hi there,

Got a strange problem with cod 4, while playing the game on certain maps my pc will suddenly turn off. as if someone has reefed out the power cord.
The only thing that seems to prevent it is playing cod4 in the games "safe mode"
Only other information i can give is that my keyboard/mouse are still lit up after this happens as if the pc was still on.

My computers specs are.

Asus Striker 2 Formula motherboard
2 * 2 Gig DDR2-800 Corsair XMS2 ram
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2
Supreme FX 2 Sound Card
840 watt shaw p4s6 Power supply
Dual Core Intel Pentium D 945, 3400 MHz CPU

OS - Windows XP PRO Sp3
OS hard drive is a 250gig seagate barrucuda 7200

Temps are:
GPU - 74C - under pressure
CPU - 50C normal, 60C under pressure
motherboard - 44 C
hard drives are all around 33C-40C

All drivers are completely up to date and any programs that could conflict are disabled while i play.

anyone got any ideas? this is a regular thing whenever i play cod4 not in safe mode.
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    You're describing the exact same symptoms I had a few months back. The problem will be your power supply is getting overloaded by your graphics card. In my case, this was because I had my crossfired 4870's connected wrongly - card 1 had cables A,C and card 2 had cables B,D. Changed them to 1 having A and B, and 2 having C and D and it's been perfect for 3 months or so (was expencing this problem at least twice a day when gaming).

    In your case, I don't think your PSU can support the GX2 you're running. Before you say it, yes, I know an 840W model SHOULD, and that it has more than enough PCI-E connectors but not all PSUs are made equally and manufacturers can put pretty much whatever numbers and cables they want to on a PSU. My recommendation would be to get a nice well-known brand PSU to replace the Shaw. If you really want to play safe, try one of Nvidia's tested ones:

    Good luck mate.
  2. thanks for the input, that is quite a possible solution. however, i can run games that have MUCH higher requirements that put alot more stress on my computers components without any lag or any complications, like my computer turning off, considering that anything else you can think of?
  3. john the swift said:
    thanks for the input, that is quite a possible solution. however, i can run games that have MUCH higher requirements that put alot more stress on my computers components without any lag or any complications, like my computer turning off, considering that anything else you can think of?

    Sorry, still voting on PSU. My PC ALWAYS crashed on COD4 within 45 minutes of playing, but I never had a crash in Crysis and I would've expected that to hit the graphics card harder.

    I'm going mainly on what you've described is identical to the symptoms I had, I posted about it here Also, after searching for "Shaw PSU" I cannot find a homepage for them with any specs/amp details on it, and can only find lots of forums with people saying to avoid them. That's why my money's on PSU, but I have been wrong on things before so if someone can come up with something else then all the better. :)
  4. I second the PSU suggestion.

    But i sort of had the same issue with COD 4/5 and demigod, my issue was caused by a faulty XFX GTS250... at this point i'm looking at a 2/3 faulure rate on XFX, thats why im back to ASUS...
    Just something to keep in mind...
  5. Ah hi again guys,

    I have the option of using a 700 watt ATX12v PSU
    model number is m12 700 (brand is sea sonic)

    The thing is, my dad tried to use this PSU in his quad core q9550 setup with a high end graphics card (geforce 9600). When he tried to use the above power supply the computer would only run 1 hard drive and 1 dvd drive
    if anything else was plugged in he would lose video or it would simply not boot. Ended up having to use a 512mb graphics card instead to run all of his HDD's.

    Would this PSU have enough power to run my rig? (details in first post)
    I have 3 hard drives internally, (Two 500gig seagate barrucadas, one 250 gig seagate barracuda), 2 DVD RW drives.

    As for the comment about Demigod, im actually playing it at the moment and havnt had a single problem.

  6. Then that could be good news...

    As for the SeaSonic... no... Stay far far far far away...

    HDDs tend to spike power consumtion to power on, after that intial spike they tend not to use alot of power...

    Personally i would not risk any of my components on a sub standard PSU, espesialy if it can't power a 9600 and more one HDD...

    i would sugest Antec, OCS, Corsair or Coolermaster in the region of 600W+
  7. do u get the BSOD? i a plying the game too but i crash every like 5 hours. so i crash sometimes. i just put up the system fans for my GPU and cpu. it helps. i use to crash every 1 hourwithout high fans. try that. alot of ppl have been having his also its not just you. i freeze in game sometimes and i cant get out so i have to restart computer.. get back at me if u find a solution
  8. Hello, thanks for your input.

    just to reitterate... i dont get a BSOD i dont get a crash message. it doesnt freeze.
    The power just dies.
    as if the circuit breaker on the house has gone
    or the power switch has been turned off
    or the power cable removed.
  9. Best advice so far has been PSU related.

    I would seriously entertain the idea that your PSU does not have proper amperage per rail to run your current setup. Look into grabbing a bit larger PSU with proper ratings per amp/rail.

    Also, check all of your connections just to be sure something isn't shorting out--and check that your motherboard is securely seated.

    In all honesty, this sounds just like a PSU issue I cured for my cousin recently. He built a PC with a mid to low end PSU, and it would do the exact same thing your machine is doing (shut off instantly during gaming). I slapped in a new PSU with proper ratings and it works great now.
  10. If you don't have a tester I would suggest getting the Antec Digital Power Supply Tester. I have one and I love how it does not just say good or bad but it also gives you the exact output voltage that you are getting. You can pick one up at your local Best Buy. I did some searching online and could not find it for any less then that but when I searched from "Power Tester" on eBay it came up with some other brands that looked like they did the same digital output display as the Antec one.
  11. Try to turn off the sound. sometimes it is a culprit.
  12. i've had that problem while playing Halo 2...

    and i had mouse stutter, but that was fixed, i had to enable v sync
  13. Problem has gotten worse recently and turns off even in safe mode, hopefully getting a new PSU soon.
  14. Sounds PSU related for sure.
  15. dirtdiver said:
    Sounds PSU related for sure.

    It does sound like it but my Gigabyte motherboard that I currently have out for service a friend said that since a new PSU did not work and it did have a lighter version of this problem before it got really bad it would most likely be the voltage regulator on the motherboard. So problems like this could be power related but not the PSU itself. You just have to keep open to possibilities.
  16. Hey all, installed a cooler master m850 today
    and i played cod 4/cod5 and cod 6 for 4-5 hours straight without a single crash! seems it definitely was the shaw power supply!
    thanks for the help ^_^
  17. ;) glad you got this resolved! Happy gaming.
  18. I have the same prob, ASUS P7T6 Supercomputer MOB, w/ GeForce 8800 GTX oc 768mb, 24 Gigs of ram & a DVD
    & a WD 1.5 ter HD, powerd by a 700 watt rocketfish psu. The last PSU was a CoolMax 1200w that I had to heat up
    w/ a hair dryer! When got it going, I had to block off the fans, tape on the back & a CD cover on the inside.
    Just a little cool air, & BANG!! just like someone pulled the plug. My prob is COD MW3. Now the rocketfish 700w
    shouldn't it be enough power? Nothing is over clocked, only craps on me when playing MW3. It shuts down then fires
    rite back up on it's own, Any HELP, I would be very thankful. thanks for reading my prob. Steve.
  19. Hi 1_undertaker, you have sorted necroed a really old thread, what i suggest is make a new thread and give detailed information on computer specs and hardware, idle temperatures of the components and the temperatures while playing cod, the rating on the PSU, and ensuring that the graphics card is powered by 2 seperate rails from your power supply if it requires multiple 6 pin power or 8/4 whatever it needs

    Also its not nessecarily raw wattage that the psu has a problem with its wether or not the rails have the correct amps on them i do beleive ^ as was the case with me

    Good luck
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