Which antivirus is good For gaming? I dont want any latency lags.

Which antivirus is good For gaming? I dont want any latency lags.

I have tryed many antivirus programs, ,McA Fee, norton, Eset security suite, eset antivirus. They all make my Steam game latency / Ping spikes. i normally get 20-50 pings, however when i have those antiviruse installed, my game starts to lag maybe every 30 secs.

Which antivirus is the best for gamers?
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  1. Norton now do a stripped out version for gaming systems. However one of the better AV programs for not being a resource hog is Avast... and its free
  2. I thought multi-core processors were supposed to offset all of that. I use a q6600 and never experience any problems while running anti-virus software while gaming.
  3. Try BitDefender.
  4. ive used zone alarm norton and macafee all gives some hindrance too games.

    try kaspersky , i done even know its there anymore, and thats on my single core pc.
  5. Good question i was wondrin this also. I just installed kaspersky on my girlfriend laptop tonite and it doesnt seem too bad. It already had another anti virus geek squad put on there that had a button to turn on and off "gaming" i belive it was webroot.
  6. I'm using eset nod32, and have no lags with it.
  7. Kaspersky is the best
  8. Nod32 and AVG Internet Security, very low resources while in monitoring mode.

    AVG also has a gaming mode option.
  9. NOD is good.I am using it.
  10. I'm using Norton 2009 with no problems on a Q9300.
  11. I've used AVG for years, and have never had it cause any problems for online gaming.
  12. I recommand Bit Defender, it also come with a game mode
  13. I use AVG and have 0 problems, of course when I play I make sure the AV software is not running (exit out on taskbar). I only activate the AV when I surf the web....
  14. Nod 32 is a great av and security program that does not take up much resources.
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