Why Unreal Tournament uses %100 CPU?

Hay Guys!

Anyone know why UT3 uses 100% of my CPU no matter what i'm doing in it?

Whether I'm fighting 32Bots or just sitting at the Menu screen, it says 100%

Frame rates also drop during large fights do to CPU Overload. Crysis barely uses 60$ all the time.

Why is UT3 so demanding?


E8400,GTX285,4GB,Win7 64 or XP32 both do the same thing.
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  1. Quote:

    Here's your problem. Crysis is not demanding on CPU. Maybe UT3 is. I only tried UT99 and bots are much more intelligent than ones in Crysis, I think it's reason that makes your CPU to work more.
  2. You think its the AI then?

    Sounds reasonable, even UT2k4 is pretty CPU intense.

    What about at the menu? why is it so demanding there?

  3. Maybe you should check task manager to find out if it is indeed UT3 using that CPU time. It doesn't matter how advanced a game is, no game should hit 100% load in the menu, or even in the game for that matter (except perhaps on a single core).
  4. I already did. that's why I asked.
  5. I agree with Randomizer. Find out what else is running whilst UT is humming along.

    What are you running for antivirus software, and what are you running for audio drivers? On rare occasions I have seen both of those affect gameplay..
  6. I tried the Drivers,nothing.

    No AV.

    I'll check it out.

    Thanks mate!
  7. OK.

    I'd take a Snapshot of my desktop but I don't have Sketchbook at the moment.

    I have UT3 windowed so I can see, I'm at the main menu and it shows avg CPU 72%

    Just idle at the menu! ?? :S

    Ok now this is very strange.

    I'm in the CTF Facing worlds map ok, 640x480 windowed, 9 bots + me.

    Using %90 to 98% CPU, the other %2 for windows and the monitor.


    I'll try Changing a few Settings.



    I tried changing every setting in the game Video and audio. Same.

    Avg CPU 97%

    I even went to everything on the lowest settings, Same.

    It must be the AI.
  8. What are you using for a soundcard, and what version of the driver? (right click my computer, go to manage, device manage, right click sound device, properties)

    Just a shot in the dark--but try uninstalling your sound device completely from the device manager, then run the game. If it changes, you have audio drivers that are horribly coded, and I would look for an update.

    I would also be certain you are running the most current drivers for your video card (www.guru3d.com usually has the newest editions ready to DL).

    As far as getting a screen shot, you can just hit the "print screen" key on the top right of your keyboard (near F12) then open up Paint, and paste it ;)

    Keep trying things, and posting, we will figure this out.
  9. Do you have UT3? whats your Usage.

    I'm using Creative XFi Extreme gamer latest 64 Drivers, or My old XP 32 Drivers I had a few months ago, makes no diff.

    Graphic drivers make no diff as I have had many.

    Got to be the Hog game, I've had XP 32 Pro, now Win 7 64 pro, My Bro in law has XP and a P4 3.4GHz HT Extreme that I gave him and it lags on the CPU even worse.

    Benchmarks Show Quads are faster in UT3 but they Do not show the Usages! Kinda Stupid.

    Thanks for your help mate, Much appreciated.
  10. Just for argument's sake--uninstall your audio drivers completely, then tryin running it. I have the X-fi Fatal1ty Extremegamer and in my old PC I would have major lag issues with gaming with those drivers installed...worth a shot!
  11. Yea, OK, Worth a try to Know for sure.

  12. No doubt. I will also check out UT3 on my machine when I get home tonight--it's been forever since I played it anyway :)
  13. Well, you're not the only one who has 100% cpu usage during UT3, I used to get it on my E8400 as well. Constant 100% usage no matter what. I beleive it is the way the game is setup. As long as you are getting good fps, and your cpu isn't overheating I don't think you need to worry about it.
  14. ^^ To be fair, don't we WANT games to use more of the CPU?
  15. Try this.

    Go Windowed. Bring up the Task manager. Right click the .exe and select Set Priority. Select High.
  16. XFi Drivers didn't make any Diff.

    Priorities don't do anything.
  17. Wow, maybe it is truly CPU intensive beyond any other game I have seen. I forgot to test it on my machine, sorry!

    I will try and test it on my machine tonight and check the CPU usage in-game. I haven't really played much UT, I bought it the weekend it came out just to try it and wasn't crazy about it. From what I remember it runs great on my PC, never thought to look at the CPU usage. I think I had only OC'd to 3.15ghz at that point as well...will have to see how it likes 4.05ghz :evil:
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