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Hey, so i people asked me to tell them how MW2 is. to tell you the truth. its not bad as u guys made it out to be. no dedicated servers no problem. best computer and connections host it. if that guy lags then server changes host. the game itself it awesome. jsut that u cant choose what map u want to play. nd some maps are just gay.... yea so if u anyoe wants to paly with me add my steam (guynamedbc) LETS GET PLAYING!
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  1. totaly agree. dedicated servers would be nice, but i really like mathmaking and would actually prefer that over decicated servers if we could only have one (id stil prefer both though)

    oh and added, though how playable a game might be kinda depends on where you're from. im in NZ so we might not get a game.
  2. yea true lol. add me if u live in the USA EAST lol
  3. I am on the fence with this one. On one hand I want to seriously make a stand and tell Infinity Ward how bad they f'ed the PC community and not buy this, but with all that I keep hearing is the game is really good... I want to play it bad.. at the same time I want them to rot in hell.

  4. pravius, unfortunatly IW are simply the first ones to make a stand.

    it wont be long before pc gamers stop getting the special treatment we've been accustomed to.

    and since MW2 actually outsold COD4 on pc, it seems the 'boycott' was useless. IW dont care if a couple of pc gamers dont buy their game. and they are less likely to accept criticisms from someone who has never played it.

    it wont be long before PC games with dedicated servers and modtools are reserved only for the 'diehard' pc devs releases. we simply arent worth wasting effort on. they make little cash from us...

    sad, but true.
  5. haha thats cuz you can always DL the game from torrents, and for the 360 same deal you just need to change the firmware of it, but alot of ppl dont do that so they just buy the game, i gotta tell you that i dont feel like messing with the 360 so i buy very few games for it, but i got my modern warfare hardend edition for 25 bucks, great deal.
  6. Too bad that VAC is crap and hackers run wild in that game. besides that its pretty cool
  7. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a phenomenal game. It sucks that there are no dedicated servers (yet... and it certainly won't be implemented by the devs). One of the greatest things about PC online fps games is how much the community is integrated into the game (sometimes good or bad). Matchmaking is everything against that. You play with randoms, can't do *** about hackers, have to deal with high ping (yes you can still pwn with 200 ping, but it's an annoying experience), and don't have servers that are so awesome you always join them first.

    They also decided to slap a $60 price tag on it. That's kind of a big deal. Other corporations will follow and raise their prices as well. And then they will cry about how pirates are shutting down their company.

    So I just started the single player campaign, completed the test run, and was recommended 'Normal'. Since I've always played Veteran, I changed the difficulty and was asked THREE times if I was sure. Console much?
  8. yeah 60 bucks for a pc game usually they are 10 bucks cheaper or so, when i looked at that i was like im not gonna buy that, but i was lucky to get it from a friend for 25 for the 360 i still wish i had it for pc because i suck at 360, its not as smooth movement as its on the pc.
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