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Hiya guys,
I run xp pro sp2, I got 2 ide drives:
8mb Seagate 120 barracuda 4 (if i remember well) and a 45 ibm deskstar. I got the 120 in set-up 2 x 35gb + 1 x 65gb and the 45gb in 2 x 20gb partitions. xp is installed on the 35gb. I use the 65gb as a back up/ftp drive. It reached 95% capacity, so I deleted ([-peep-]+ del)some big image files and calculated I should have had +-10gb freed up. But NO, the disk behaves like it still has only 200mb free and there is no way it'll let me copy anything larger than 200mb on it.
The recycle bin is empty.
Ideas are welcome
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  1. Two words... System Restore.
    On by default, system restore will take up to 12% of the disk space. On your 65gb partition that equates to around 8gb. Try turning it off and seeing what happens.

    oh, its a nice day. TO EAT CHILDREN!!!
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