Modern Warfare 2 PC Hacked for Dedicated Servers

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  1. Mousemonkey said:

    not sure how this works and if you still need to be in the steam cloud in order for this to work. I expect that IW will not let this go on for much longer.. although I do not see the harm in allowing this.. there is no reason for them to not allow it. If you need steam to make this work I cannot imagine that Steam will let this go on.

    But good for them and hopefully most PC gamers will take advantage of this because IW really needs to learn a lesson from this one way or another.
  2. As I understand it, the first round of cease as dessit orders have gone out to modders (Dedi server support, lean, etc). As if IW didn't see this comming?
  3. its seriously distroyed their pc sales not having dedicated servers , i know a fair few clans and friends that wont buy it because of this , it just makes no sense.a game that relies on keeping its multiplayer community happy,not doing it too well
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