Red Faction 2/ Vista problem?

I have decided to install and play RF2 or the firs time snce I got my new computer. I loaded the gme up and right from the beginning I an into problem. The game won't let me run the game from the menu screen. It says that my computer's doesn't graphics card doesn't meet the minimum system requirements. That one's no big deal because all I hve to do is run the game from the folder. The bigger problem that I have now is that the game skips frames, it doesn't really run slowly, it just seems like the game skips just a frame or two ahead constantly. This is really annoying and makes the game a whole lot less fun. Has anyone else heard of this happening, specificall with vista, or know a way to fix?
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  1. Errr, to be honest, are you using a "free" copy of the game?

    Also, what is your video card? It might actually be too weak to play the game.
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