Proposed gaming PC for FSX

hi, i have put together a list of hardware that i think will be fine for FSX.
Can someone please tell me if these components are first, compatible and secondly if they will be enough to run FSX on pretty much high settings.

G.SKILL DDR3 1600 PC12800 4GB (2GB x 2) MEMORY

Gigabyte P55-US3L Motherboard LGA 1156 Socket GA-P55-US3L MOTHERBOARD

Intel Core i7 860 CPU [2.8GHz, Retail, Socket 1156] CPU

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5850 / 1GB GDDR5 / PCI Express 2.0 / GRAPHICS CARD

Are these components compatible, and enough for FSX?
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  1. FSX puts more demand on the CPU than the video card - Quad core is a must... so looks ok. Whic OS are you planning to use ?

    Vista & Windows 7 will give you better visuals as FSX was coded to take advantage of DX10
  2. i was hoping to use windows xp as i have a spare copy, would i benefit from getting vista or 7?
    Also do you know what power supply and cooling i would need for this?
  3. A corsair 650w or equivalent will work for a single 5850. I don't think the gigabyte ux3 boards do true CF so no sense in buying enough PSU for 2xGPUs.

    Get a case you really like the look of. Based on your budget for your other parts, I don't think you'll be skimping and it should offer more than enough airflow. Pick some you love the look and drop in some links and get some yays or nays. Cases are such a personal choice and they all do the same job fairly well.

    This should be convincing enough for DX9 vs DX10
  4. ok thanks!
    Will any case do, because i already have a pretty decent case now, could i use that, or do i need a special case for the hardware?
    Sorry for all the questions, first build :)
  5. If you could link the case, that would be helpful. Probably not an issue, but some of the smaller cases might have an issue with the length of the 5850. Its a reasonable 9.5" so should be fine if its a mid atx.
  6. It is a pre built Compaq machine, so it doesnt have a reconizeable case
    This is the link to my pc
    Its a standard size case, and with the current set up there is pleanty of space inside anyway :)
  7. Should be fine as long as the HDD cages don't drift to far down on the front. Do you plan to OC? The airflow on that case isn't going to be great and limit any big OC gains. But if you're going stock speeds or a moderate OC, should be fine.
  8. I probably wont overclock to start with, in which case my current pc case will do fine, and if i do end up over clocking, i'll probably just end up having to get another one.
    I think im ready to start purchasing :)
    Thanks for the help! :)
  9. NP.

    Does the UK have an equivalent to the US black friday to kick off the holiday shopping season?
  10. we have a kinda 'black friday' but its not as big over hear. Not many people tend to know about it, it was the 23rd of this month.
    The sales ussually happen after christmas around new year :)
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