Suggest a racing game(PC) to play

I have decided to buy a racing game this weekend.
I just need suggestions on which game to buy...

Out of some newer titles I have played
-Burnout Paradise (Liked it very much!)
-NFS Undercover(Waste of money!)

So Pls recommend a title.

My specs:
C2D E7300 @ 2.7Ghz
4GB DDR2 Ram
9800GT 512MB

And resolution will be 1280X1024.
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  1. Best answer
    GRID Racer or wait on Dirt 2 which is coming out shortly. Both are made by codemasters.
  2. Okay I'll see some gameplay videos and reviews of GRID.
    Thank you!

    BTW I like racing games that don't have Formal Racing like F1,GTR etc etc.
    All I want is Street racing games.
    I thoroughly liked Burnout,Carbon And Most wanted.

    And I don't like to play Drift or Drag races...
  3. You may or may not like GRID Racer if you are more into street racing games. It uses some open wheel cars, but has quite a few trans am style races. The graphics are great and the game play is fun. You should be able to find the demo somewhere on the net to try it out and see if you like it.
  4. Any other recommendations ?

    I really wanna take a break from RPG's and FPS.
  5. I don't have anymore suggestions. That is the only "full install" racing game I have played on the PC other than racing demos. Did you try the latest NFS racing game that was released a short time ago?
  6. Are you talking about NFS Shift?
    I watched some Vids on youtube .Gfx are okay but the game doesn't seems to be good.
    Its all on Racing tracks.

    BTW I liked Grid's gameplay.The race was OK but the surroundings were beautiful...
  7. forza 3. gt5. then blur will be my next racing games i'll buy but nfs shift wasn too bad, blur will kick ass
  8. Isn't Forza 3 only for consoles?
  9. yeah xbox 360 and gt5 on ps3, blur should be on all platforms
  10. Trackmania NAtions forever is free. Nothing to lose. Racing against the clock over some of the craziest courses known to man!
  11. I thank all of you for your suggestions.
    I have decided to buy GRID.
  12. Buy a HD 5850, get a DiRT2 free.
  13. HD 5850 !
    For 1280X1024?
    With E7300?
    For PCI 1.0 Slot?
    With Corsair CX400?

    Not a good deal....
  14. I am glad you liked GRID racer shubham1401. Just watch out for the players that like to crash everyone when the race starts (on multiplayer).
  15. What about the single player mode?
    Is it any good?
  16. I enjoyed the single player mode and I played it more than multiplayer. You have to pick a teammate, sponsors, buy cars that fit classes you would like to race in, customize them etc... I spent a lot of time playing GRID when I first got it as I was really addicted to playing it. If you don't want to play through all of the races to unlock everything, I found a saved game file on the net from someone who had already beaten the game so you can race all of the tracks.
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