Does fps affect ping?

well the thread name pretty much says it, I wonder if u have low fps then ur ping will be worse? (higher) example; if I have ~60 fps and 60 ping then suddenly my fps drops down to 10, will my ping rise?
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  1. Simple answer: No.

    Normal answer: How many ping you get depends how good/how far server are you connecting to or your internet. How many you get FPS depends on your CPU, RAM and Graphic card. So, if you are playing, you get choppy, just look at your FPS or ping.
  2. ok thanks for the replys
  3. It is possible that your ping and latency in a server can be different; however, I do not feel that ping and FPS have very much in common.

    Latency is IIRC, just your distance from the server itself--whereas your ping is the actual connection you make to the server.

    To put it in perspective: one of the guys in my gaming community lives very close to one of our Counterstrike Source dedicated servers, so his latency is usually 8 in game. His ping however is often closer 70 because his connection sucks (for lack of a better description).

    Shorter answer: FPS/PING not related directly and have little if an effect on each other (as stated by the others).
  4. i think it does affect the ping...i have experienced it in multiple games...for example i have played counter strike without any problems with ping when i had graphic card.however when i change my pc,and i didnt have graphic card,the game was unplayable in the same server,and it was due to ping,which was ultimately due to was the case with modern warfare...when i searched for servers,i went into a server that had 30 ping,but in gameply it was nearly double of that,like 70 or what i have experienced is yes it does affect...
  5. in general no your ping shouldnt affect your fps, but you can do things to your fps that will affect ping. often game hackers will drop there fps below a certain threash hold and induce ping lag. if the ping is attached to the fps like it is in cod 4 then yes it can affect ping.
    to get the smoothest gameplay you have to calculate your fps so its a multiple of your ping and packets sent.
    your basically syncing with the server with this. but if you suddenly drop the packets from say 100 to 10 this will cause your ping to bounce a few hundred points and cause the game to lag giving you something akin to slow mo and enable you to cheat...
    but as a general rule ping has nothing to do with fps. just the amount of data packets. if you have a very low ping you can send 100 data packets if you have 150 then your best off halving that number and turning packetdup on (depends on the game). you can also turn off thing like server ping balance if you own the server again depending on the game.
    again adding or reducing an advantage to low ro high ping players.
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