Soyo Dragon+ Unstable after adding Memory

I have a Soyo Dragon Plus Mobo, AnthonXP 1700+, with 512mb Crucial DDR-SDRAM. Computer was built about 18 mos ago. I recently got 2 more 512 memory sets, same Crucial P/N, and added to system. System became so unstable, I could not even book up; it locked up before even getting WinXP loaded. I got to Soyo website on another computer and downloaded bios update (next to last one available, since the latest one was cautioned not to use in my configuration) and updated bios on computer. One of the prior bios changes was to address unstability with more than one memory set. System was still unstable, so I removed additional sets again and reloaded everything. Any suggestions on how to get the additional memory to work?

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  1. increase the vdimm voltage by .1-.2 volts (in the bios)

    if that does not work i need to know the specific timmings of your memory (also in the bios)

    Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
  2. In my bios, I see setting for changing CPU voltage in small increments up to +0.1; however, I do not see any references to setting dimm voltage. Any hints?

  3. read the manual?

    Maybe its called Memory voltage or vMem..

    It is probably in the area of the bios that lets you select memory timmings (advanced chipset features?)

    Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
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