"Come back to Age of Conan..or mabye not?"

A offer came to me in the mail a few days ago. From Fun Com saying :

"Now you can play Age of Conan again for 14 days completely FREE of charge! This offer does not require any purchase as long as you act before November 27th, 2009. There are also some amazing rewards available to you if you purchase game time now!"

This really interested me and I thought I would give AoC a try. As I clicked on the link (after my 4 hour installation) it seemed to me that I had to subscribe to get my 14 free days. Im not sure if I am reading my email wrong, but everyone eles is getting in without paying? Its November 18th right now, and it says to act before November 27th. I already have an account with the game that I did sub on on release. So I don't see the problem?

So If anyone can help me out? I might just be having a "duhh..." moment! So please tell me what I am doing wrong. It would make my day! :p
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  1. If you are interested in the game and you are willing to pay 15$ a month then go ahead. Personally I don't fall for these kind of schemes.
  2. Thats not what I am saying at all. Its not a scheme. They are offering a free 14 days to previously subscribers(which I am) that want to try the game again. But I cant figure out how.
  3. so what is your issue? Are not able to install the game?
  4. No, I installed it fine, I have about 3 times before. The problem is, I see everyone coming back for free. While I cant. For some reason I have to subscribe? So I am not sure if I am at the wrong link or what not. "This offer does not require any purchase as long as you act before November 27th, 2009". So its not Nov 27th. "Your free 14 day re-evaluation period starts when you first log into the game." When I log in, its telling me to subscribe!

    So I don't know what to do!
  5. ahh gotcha, well here is the place you need to ask that question :

  6. Tired, the forum wont let me log in, I tried to contact an admin already. ugh.
  7. i registered and was able to log in fine.... there must be something you did wrong
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