MW2 [PC] NAT status

my NAT status in MW2 is : Stricted though i dont use any router.

i had problems hosting in other games too.

maybe my isp is using a router? because when i followed a guide i found how to enable uPnP and DMA? (supposed to give NAT status : Open in mw2) i typed that ip and a MikroTik site came out that supposed to be routers default site but i obviously could not login cause i dont have the account/password.

the problem about this that it takes a good while to join games and usually in 200+ latency group.(its not a latency issue trust me i have stable connection).host migration fails and i cant play Co-op with a friend.

whats exactly NAT is and what can i do to fix this? (i dont have router mind you)

please feel free to stop by and comment if you have any info/opinion/answer
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  1. Buy a Linksys Cable Modem and a Linksys Router. If its not Linksys its ***.
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