$320 for i5-2500K+GA-Z68X-UD3H (& other Mobo/CPU combo @ Micro Center)

Hello all,

I've been in the market for an i5-2500K and Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H motherboard, and I found a great deal from Micro Center. The deal comes out to be about 20% cheaper than Newegg (combo of each part being cheaper and $50 off when purchased together)... However, if you're looking for another mobo or CPU, prices are still very good (especially for i5-2500K)...

Important note: The CPUs are only available for in-store pick-up. So, if you don't live near a retail location (like me), then you're out of luck on the whole combo :(

They've got tons of other great combos of processors and motherboards for both Intel and AMD. Here's the link to their April ads with all the deals:

Intel CPUs/Mobos:
AMD CPUs/Mobos:

I really wish I could take advantage of this deal, but I live nowhere near a retail location, so I hope it helps someone else!
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  1. WOW SHOOT ME NOW MAN. DUDE I JUST BOUGHT THAT EXACT COMBO AT THE NEWEGG!!!!!!! Coulda saved me $70 and not wait 3 days for shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So tempting to send this stuff back to the egg and go to the micro center. WOW MAN I CANT BELIEVE THIS! Just want to pull my hair out right now.
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