Hey could you help me with mw2 online problem!!!!!!!!

hello guys um just wondering how do i get modern warfare 2 spec ops coop to recognize that i am signed in to steam. i start up steam and launch mw2 and when i select online spec ops. it says you must be signed in to a online steam or somthing. so how do i get it to recognize that i am on steam. that is my question

ooh and by the way this is a pc version of mw2
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  1. 1: We kind of gathered it's the PC version of MW2, when you mentioned Steam. That's a bit of a dead giveaway.
    2: Sounds like you need to sign into steam.
  2. i am signed in and i select mw2 and launch it through steam. and i am using an online account on steam
  3. same problem here i played multi for sometime now and i was online in a match but AFK then came back got kicked from the server cause i was AFK (spectating) then when i try to find a server again it says i have to login to steam to play home boi got the same problem
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