lock ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can any one help me with this persistant PROBLEM with my explorer, windows and internet explorer, but happen mostly on internet. it just keeps locking up!! Ive turned off RiverTuner and and run addaware6 and reg cleaner although it did find 415 faults!! its made no difference! It happens at ramdom and my fifa euro04 wont load screen just clicks and goes blank and have to re-boot the system!! {iam going to reinstall fifa but iam sure its linked to the lock ups}. all my other games are fine; gp500 running in WSS600 mode, max payne2, doom3, and some times it takes ages for the true vendor for zone alarm to load at start up!!
So i dont know what the hell is going on!!

The .PC;
M.board: Chaintech 7NJS ultra zenith + latest nforce drivers
Amd 2200
G.card: Gforce3 ti200 128mb “inno 3d”{recently died}
new GeForce fx 5700 le 128mb
RivaTurner, “500/220mhz”, NOW 500/315 MHZ TURNED OFF!!
+ clock feq acc, “High”, fake ddr workaround, “forced on” TURNED OFF!!
Nivdia 61.77 driver
768DDR ram 03x256 ddr 2100
S.card: Audigy player 5.1 +UPDATES
Lian Lie.
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  1. Try running spybot also, it catches many things that adaware does not.
    If the monitor just seems to go into sleep mode then the problem may be that the game is wanting to start at a resolution and/or refresh rate that your monitor does not support. If possible try connecting a larger/better monitor to your computer and start up the game. Or examine the games config files to see what res/refresh it is trying to run at and change it to something your monitor can support.

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