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Hey guys, here is a decent review of a new gaming mouse; the Ozone "SMOG" mouse. http://www.guru3d.com/article/ozone-smog-review-test/1

Seems pretty cool, up to 5040dpi if you really feel the need to run it that high, looks fairly ergonomic, some cool appearance features...but you would be hard pressed to get me to ditch my G9 for a newcomer to the gaming gear market.

What do you think? :hello:
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  1. sweet, but I bet it has/will have a hefty pricetag.....

    been using a G5 for quite a long time and once you get used to a mouse it's hard to switch =)
  2. I believe the review stated the MSRP somewhere around $70 US. That really isn't bad for a high DPI gaming mouse. I prefer the G9, I absolutely love it--but the Ozone is certainly neat.
  3. yea, looked more into it and it seems like a nice "all around" gaming mouse. Would be nice to test it vs. a G9 and see the outcome...
  4. I agree, I think it is *verrrry* similar to the G9...perhaps copycat? ;)

    Looks like they took the basic design of the G9 and added a bit of style changes and perhaps a slight ergonomic change.

    If you ask me, anyone that uses a G9 for a week would never use anything else.

    (p.s. I see you are trolling these forums right after I post, OVRCLKR!)
  5. haha yes Sir!!!

    btw, is the G9 much shorter than the G5?
  6. The G9 is shorter, but since it is wider and more ergonomically designed, it doesn't feel "weird" like some do. I personally don't like the longer ones, like razer. The G9 just has a feel to it that anyone can appreciate.

    Example: last night a buddy of mine stopped over for a few thanksgiving beers. He is an architect, by no means is he a computer enthusiast. He was like "ooh I like your keyboard that looks cool (saitek eclipse, backlit blue) and sat down at the PC. He put his hand on the mouse and says "omg, this is the most comfortable mouse I have ever touched. Where can I buy one?"

    Within 2 minutes I had him sold on a new G9 from bestbuy.com ($45 bucks). Hard to complain!
  7. Another great review about that Cooler Master Sentinel : http://www.guru3d.com/article/cooler-master-sentinel-advance-mouse-review-test/

    Looks like a decent mouse--texture looks more appealing than that of the Ozone IMO.
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