Will a PS3 cause ghosting on my new Samsung series 8000 LED TV?

Just got a new Samsung series 8000 55" LED TV. I have been warned not to hook up my PS3, that the PS3 will cause 'ghosting'.

Any advice?
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  1. who told you that? sounds like rubbish to me.

    With older TVs and some plasmas you can get phosphor burn where the static parts of the screen (like a game's HUD) stay on and "burn in" to the screen.

    LCDs don't have this problem and nor should LED displays.

    If you're talking about the effect of trails on fast moving parts of the screen then that's down to the screen not being able to update itself fast enough (i.e. response time) and that's not restricted to a PS3, but it won't do any damage.
  2. ^^ Actually, if the Pixel Refresh Rate is below a certain threashold for a certain refresh rate (16ms for 60 Hz), you can get a situation where the screen refreshes faster then the pixels can change state.

    As a general rule, 8ms or better is fine for 60Hz displays.
  3. 200MHz MotionPlus on the 8 series TVs, but no indication of what the refresh rate would be - I'd say it should be fine tbh.

    If you're unsure markacres why don't you try contacting Samsung directly and asking them.
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