[Classifieds] Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Licenses!

To clear up a few questions that will likely be asked.

I bought these in bulk, you receive the activation key along with a link (from microsoft) to download the software. Should you stumble upon any issues wth activation, I will replace/refund you no questions asked!

I'm asking $120 per, but the price can be negotiated.

I can post pictures with my name written down and stuff if it makes you guys feel better.

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  1. Does the license agreement allow reselling the licenses that were bought in bulk (ie. are you a licensed reseller of Microsoft products ?) or are these designed for a single companies use (ie. if there are problems later with activation will the purchasor be able to contact microsoft directly or will any problems need to be worked out through you ? -- Are you including the Certificate of Aunthenticity to be placed on the system in case needed for later authentication of the license ? How can the buyer be assured that the product key will not be sold to more than one person or reused at a later time by you Since you have the list of keys and the purchase letter - so if you later resell or reuse the key will the purchased install become voided by MS and unuseable since you have the ability to verify the license but those purchased from you can not be verified by the purchasor ?

    Seems a little risky !!
  2. You will indeed be able to contact MS if you have issues. But if the key doesn't work for some reason as I mentioned, I will replace it/refund you no questions asked.

    I just have to hope you trust my word that I will sell 1 key per person. I'm not a guy trying to rip anyone off. As sketchy as this seems, I'm 110% legit and hope to have some sales!
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  5. Do you still have any of these? How do I contact you to discuss negotiated price?
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