Windows 7 32bit and Virtual Memory

I pretty much only use my pc for gaming (world of warcraft, fps games) and my question is, how should I handle the virtual memory aspect for better gaming performance? Currently the virtual memory is set to "Automatically manage paging file for all drives". Now is there a better or more precise setup to handle that for better performance for my gaming rig?

My setup:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHZ
Asus P5KC Mobo
Patriot PC2-6400 800mhz 4gigs
Western Digital SATA150 16mb 10,000rpm
GeForce 8800GT 512MB
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

Also on my hdd, I have 2 partitions, 1 solely for the os, and 1 for games, movies, mp3, etc. My system partition is 20gigs and has 7gigs free and my gaming partition has about 50gigs free. For the paging file option should I leave that to automatic with what I have or is there a better option for optimal performance for gaming?
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  1. I personally like to configure it myself (the less I leave up to Windows, the better :sarcastic:). Tell it to configure manually, and remove the paging file from your "OS" partition. Set up a new paging file on your "Gaming" partition for roughly 1.5x how much RAM you have (in your case, about 6,000MB). This should also be what Windows recommends you use. The only down side, is that you lose 6GB of HDD space, but if you ever need the space, you can always return and decrease the size of your paging file. It's not really necessary to have such a large paging file with 4GB of physical RAM, but it doesn't hurt.
  2. Way back when, the mantra was "2x System RAM", but considering most people already have 4GB on 32bit windows, tehres really no reason to change it.
  3. i remember when i had 256mb RAM back in the day and i had to worry about Vmem haha.
  4. I think u really shouldn't worry about Vmem. If your worried about performance then why are u running 32bit Windows???? 64bit hauls the mail.

    If you really want a boost then i would run a 64bit OS.
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