Great deals! Hardware items for sale


MSRP 960 USD, will sell for 900 USD, or reasonable offer (Paypal)

BRAND NEW SEALED Hewlett Packard 16Gb Dual Rank X4 Pc3L-10600Ddr3-1333 Registered Cas-9 Low Power Memory

MSRP 3000 USD, will sell for 700 USD, or resonable offer (Paypal)

BRAND NEW SEALED Force3D AMD ATI radeon HD 2Gb DDR3 HDMI DVI VGA video graphics card PCI express pcie x16

MSRP is 200 USD, will sell for 100 USD, (paid through Paypal) also take reasonable offers, just message me or leave comment here.

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  1. i hope your kidding $1000 ******* dollars what the ******* hell this should be an infraction just for pricing like that you have the right to overprice a bit but not to this extent!
  2. I switched it to 700 USD, hopefully its more reasonable.
  3. item #1 $190 cause its on sale at $245 item # 2 $380-400
  4. Something im missing here? Why is this ram so god damn expensive
  5. seumas_beathan said:
    Something im missing here? Why is this ram so god damn expensive

    It is Server class RAM with ECC (Error Correcting Code) so is more costly (though this is a bit overpriced as mentioned by Nick3232 )

    From WIKIPEDIA :
    ECC type RAM

    RAM with ECC or Error Correction Code can detect and correct errors. As with parity RAM, additional information needs to be stored and more processing needs to be done, making ECC RAM more expensive and a little slower than non-parity and logic parity RAM. This type of ECC memory is especially useful for any application where uptime is a concern: failing bits in a memory word are detected and corrected on the fly with no impact to the application.
  6. Except even ECC RAM isn't that expensive.

    Can get the HP RAM for $459 retail (though why you would buy it from them, let alone an HP branded kit, I have no idea).
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