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Hi, I want to buy a new computer. budget is $1000 dollars. I don't know should go for AMD or Intel. what is the AMD athlon 64 3500+ equivalent to Intel's speed? Can any1 give some suggestion? what components should I buy? Can you please list it with estemate price? Thanks in advance...
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  1. The AMD 64 3500 is set up on a naming system to imply equivalency to a P4-MHz, but reality varies in certain areas, but is generally within about 5% certainty.
    For a grand, you would want to build an AMD system.

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  2. If you want a gaming system, go AMD. If you want more bang for your buck, go AMD. If you do your research, you will go AMD...go to Newegg now!

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  3. i was in your position about 6 months ago and i actually bought the amd64 3500 and its great. now i have the northridge one, and i know the winchester is out there too. i'm not toooo sure on the differences there, it might be the 90nm and 130nm i'd check with the cpu forum. but it is a great cpu.

    if you're looking graphics card for gaming, don't go x700 pro! thats what i did. you don't get what you pay for at all for $200. if you're going to spend around $200 for a graphics card, get the Gigabyte 6600GT VP. aloooot better than the x700 for the same price.

    this is my system and i spent about $1000 american.
    AMD 64 3500 (939)
    MSI RS480M2-IL (PCI-Express)motherboard
    ATI Radeon X700 Pro 256mb vid card
    1 gig (2x512) Corsair 400mhz ram (basically cheapest corsair ram i could get)
    36gig 10,000rpm Western Digital Raptor
    200gig SATA Western Digital hardrive
    Good case with 4 led case fans and a 450w PSU

    got all my stuff at monarch computer but ya i'd definitely check newegg. i would have gone their but i'm canadian and they don't ship to me :(
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